attention brian nystrom or anyone who

might know what ‘tread tape’ is and where to obtain. I was just admiring the Brian’s work and the tread tape caught my eye, would have been nice on my Nordkapp a 1000 miles ago to prevent lots of gel-coat scrapes from the spare paddle, besides it looks great!!!

Any thoughts?



p.s. how is it applied? is it self sticking? suggested adhesive?

Sounds like that tape the put on Steps to make them non-slip. I would try Lowes or some place like that…

I Asked Brian The Same Question
Hi Robert,

I had the same impression after looking at some of Brian’s outfitting pictures. I wrote to him and asked him for more information. I am sure he would not mind if I posted his reply.


The product is Prostripe Black Tread tape (part# R82403). I ordered it

from a local auto body supplier. I haven’t found an online source for

it. Overall, I’m very happy with it. The only caveat is that it shrinks

a bit with age, so seams where pieces butt together will eventually

separate slightly. While it doesn’t look “perfect” anymore, I don’t find

it objectionable.



I have ordered some of the stuff but it has not arrived yet. I plan to use only a small amout of it and had to order more than I will need. I will let you know after I finish if I can send you some. In the mean time I was looking around and found some medium density rubber used for protection of abrasion sold in 1x6 foot sheets. It is 1/16th inch thick and has waterproof adhesive on one side. I have tried a piece on the paddle slot behind my cockpit. I don’t know how this will hold up but I will let you know that also.

Happy Paddling,


too good!
I def. want to apply some of this to the QCC, the Nordkapp is retired unless I suddenly find a rock garden in my paddling arena but the QCC deck could use the protection. I’ll keep my fingers crossed Mark.

I bought mine from a marine supply store but auto parts places will have it too.I applied it to two boats a year ago and it has held up well for the one season other than some shrinkage at the seams. I just touched up the seams with some black paint and it still looks good.

It saves the gelcoat and is easier on WRC GP’s too.


Grip tape?
The stuff for skateboard decks may be the same thing or similar.

Just Google “grip tape” and you’ll get all kinds of stuff. They make it in different patterns and colors so you can really pimp out your yak.

Try clear
shelf liner.It easy to apply and is not as permanent as non skid. I`ve had it on my boat for almost a year seems to be holding up well. You can get in a etched or diamond pattern $8 a roll Can. at Walmart(enough to do several boats)


I use a lot of these
types of products professionally and some shrinkage is inevitable. If you are going to be using a consumer version, e.g., 2-6" wide tapes, you might want to simply allow a small gap between the lay initially, especially if you’re using a coloured anti-skid tape.

There is also a product from 3M known as Clear Bra which is a transparent urethane adhesive film used on car hoods, etc., in lieu of bug shields. Very durable product. It is available through franchised dealers that offer auto detailing, window tinting, etc. Jump in the yellow pages and make a few calls to these kinds of shops if you are interested in transparent protection.

Working with larger sheets of adhesive film requires a bit of skill and experience as the adhesive is very aggressive and does not allow for errors. A wetting agfent is employed to allow positioning and the film is subsequently squeegeed to alleviate any air bubbles.

Feel free to email if I can be of any assistance.


Nice tip, Craig, and
one I shall keep in mind.


Cabelal has a clear tape
I believe it’s called Rock Guard or something similar it’s 4-5" wide and made to protect the rocker panels on trucks and SUVs so it should be pretty durable and waterproof. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m thinking about it.

Good Luck


PVC pipe tape
That’s another possibility. Home Depot and places like that carry it in 3" widths.

Made for boats
and for being wet. You can get it from Murrys Marine 1-800-786-7245. Its called Sport Tread Tape, $15.95 per 25 foot roll. Cat number 30-1352bk. Great stuff. It has been on my catamaran since 86 and is still good.

Motorcycle Number Plate Film
I’ve been using clear film found in motorcycle shops used for covering dirt bike number plates, as tank protectors, etc. Works fine. It’s on all my boats in the paddle strike zone forward of the cockpit, as repeated strikes can wear through the gelcoat quickly in one’s quest for the ‘perfect catch.’ I also applied it on the roofline of the back door of my CR-V, where I occasionally might scuff the boats when loading from the rear. Here you can see a slight edge where the film is, but the vehicle is black, and you’ll see everything with black anyway. The caveat is to make sure the area is perfectly clean and free of wax, 303, etc. and be sure the film itself is warm. Smooth out the bubbles as you apply. Any tiny bubbles that remain can be removed by pricking the center with a needle and rubbing in a circular fashion with a wooden spoon toward the center, to allow any trapped air to escape. The film I’ve used comes in 15" x 18" sheets, and you get four sheets for ten bucks. Tough stuff, and after two years, hasn’t yellowed at all.

Ha! Another great tip. Thanks! N/P

Textured deck tape
Here is what I used when I couldn’t find the Prostripe tape Brian used. This roll is about 6" wide too.

Trimbrite BodyGuard TRIT9020series 13.95 Color = Black Textured (#TRIT9021)Protection Film

I ordered it from website.


PS - It was easy to work with and didn’t seem affected by salt or chlorinated water.

consider reflective tape
The Solas stuff is super sticky and has the additional benefit of being reflective. Is not cheap, perhaps about $8 or 10 /yard at marine shops. I have heaps on my boats and has kept me visible and safe.

awesome replies
thanks to all

i’d be remiss if i didnt follow through with some of these tips.