attention chemists; gel-coat query

there is a large drum of white waxed gel coat in the shop where i work. i use it to re gel coat our rental fleet. the drum surely has been around for a couple years, maybe more. the gel coating jobs i’ve done seem ok. my handi work not so great, but the product seems fine. i’ve heard that old gel coat isn’t the best. is this older stuff more brittle, less abrasion resistant, what is it losing compared to fresh stuff? i’m thinking of redoing my own boat and am feeling a bit fussier…

Chances are it is the EXACT same stuff
that you would buy today … not much has changed.

Just take a look @ it … if it looks a little thick, try mixing in a tiny bit if acetone to see what happens … Gelcoat does not ‘go bad’… but it will slowly dry up in the can … drunms are worse as there is more air in there. White lasts just about the longest too.

Pull some out, mix it up, thin for spraying and pour through a paint filer … you’ll be fine.

Gel Coat
Will increase in viscosity as it polymerises with age. Eventually it will be useless to use purely & simply because of that increase.