I can’t hike very well anymore(thank goodness for paddling) , but I know there are a million miles of dirt roads in the US made by the USFS.

I have no desire to tear up the woods, just continue to visit them. An ATV looks like it might be the ticket. Any suggestions?

Not a 4 wheel ATV, not a dirt bike,
the two wheel Honda Ruckus may be something to take a look at. Its light, not a power toy…top speed 35, but will go most places it sounds like you want to go. Fits easily in the back of a pick-p or on a carrier…181 lbs.

Awww Mayun

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Can you ride a mountain bike?

Come on.

Ride a mountain bike.

I have a Yamaha 4 x 4
and believe me it will tear up the forest.

I use mine like a mini tractor and have a dump trailer for it.

It gets me into a lot of tight places where I can’t get my pick-up to.

If you keep to the national forest service roads, you will probably be doing them a service by helping them keep the roads open, but if you are climbing in steep terrain it doesn’t take much to tear up the ground.

If you would like to try mine out, come on over, and you can take it up the gravel roads on the mountain opposite us.

I know your situation, and think that it would be a great way to allow you to get out in the woods.

I was one of those that always screamed they should be banned, but mine sure has helped me a lot.

Luckily I can do like Kudzu says and “the bride” and I use our mountain bikes out in the national forest roads.



I sorta look like an elephant on an
ant , but I don’t know much about Mtn bikes.

A bike would certainly be less

second that
Don’t give up so easily string.

fine in their place
I’ve got no problem with folks riding ATVs responsibly on existing roads. I’ve also seen some aftermarket mufflers that claim to knock the noise down more than the stock setups – that’d be nice.

The idiots who ride on hiking trails and think it’s fun to make new mud bogs…summon up unprintable thoughts.

You should try a good moutain bike – some of the dual-suspension models are amazingly plush compared to my old no-suspension beater. You see the bump coming, brace for it, and…not much happens. Neat!

Carelessly ridden bicycles can also chew up a trail, but should be no problem on a logging road.

a 4 wheeler
has an advantage if you are planning on spending a night or a couple of nights on the trails. You can successfully pack enough in a backpack for several days, but unless your comfortable riding and balancing on a mountain bike with a heavy pack on, you might think about something with 4 wheels. You can sure pack up a load on a 4 wheeler and have good balance unlike a dirt bike or a mountian bike. I can’t imagine a forest service truck doing less damage to a trail than a 4 wheeler either.


a used one would be way less expensive than a new one.

The ATVs are so much lighter
that they bounce where as a heavy truck won’t.

The combination of the soft squishey off road ATV tires, (3 psi) and the bounce digs up soil much worse than a full size pick up.

If the ATV is just two wheel drive it is even worse.

Prior to Strings post this morning I was chomping up some highspots in the steep tract up behind my house using the wheels of the ATV to do it.



Know where you are
My wife tore up her knee last year and hiking may be out for us too. She is going to the doctor again next week to see what can be done. We are in our late 60’s so I have also been looking at the ATV’s and the Rhino 4x4. Desert roads and no trail blazing. I thought it would let us get to an area and explore on foot. The bike would need a very large tube repair kit.

Check out the side by side ATV’s

The Polaris Ranger, it comes in a 3 seat and 6 seat configuration. The 6 seat has a roll cage that looks long enough to throw a couple of kayaks up on. Think of the posibilities.

Yamaha also makes a side by side.


Been Thinking About It
We spend a lot of time in the Eastern Sierras where there are tons of trails that go for miles, mostly uphill. Too steep for bikes.

I was thinking about one of those popup trailers that has room for ATVs.

We used to have a popup when we had kids, but sold it because we don’t need to sleep 6-7 anymore.

The popup worked well for us because there is no hookups over there, and it very rarely ever rains in summer.

We used to just leave it over there for the summer, and pick it up and pull it to the campground. I don’t know if I would want to store it with the ATVs…

I don’t know how far
these trails are from you. A bunch of us went down there year before last…it was great over 500 miles of trails passing through several towns, It was awesome.

ps…have mountain bike too…

If you aren’t talking about pulling anything or hauling anything maybe you could pick up an old Honda 90 or something like that.

That looks nice.

I own 2 of these.

Up here in Northern Maine 4 wheelers are all the rage. Like snowmobiles you can find one or two in every yard. Like you, hiking isn’t what it used to be for me. These machines will get you back of beyond easily. I usually use mine to get to a staging area then do a shorter hike my knees can handle. Additionally, they are a blast to ride, it is amazing the terrain you can go over on such a small machine.

You don’t need a 650 or 850 to get where you want to go. A 300 to 400 is more than adequate and gets better mileage. Make sure you get an automatic with 4 wheel drive they are much easier to operate and will get you through some nasty sections of the trail you could not do in 2 wheel drive.

Suzuki and Artic Cat are da bomb up here in the north country. AC is American made if that matters. Though the engine is a Suzuki.

All Terrain Vehicles

I empathize with your problem as I too am a big guy and last summer I took a spill shattered my ankle and had major surgical repairs.

I pondered the idea of buying an ATV. I spend 99 percent of my free time in the woods or on the water. I went out and spent my stash of mad money

on a Quad. I like it but I am trying to view it as a tool not a toy.

Can Am makes a nice quiet machine that will seat 2 riders safely. I bought a 400cc machine it carries my 275lbs anywhere no problemo!

Treading lightly on the environment is up to you.

I am planning on buying a jet ski trailer next year to haul the canoes and kayaks down to the lake or river in place of the car.

Good Luck

Tread Lightly!!

Big Mac

Side by Side
The Rhino is a side by side with a dump bed and roll cage. I watched a guy at Lake Powell launch and retrieve a 20’ fiberglass boat with one off the beach. In AZ they can be licensed for the road and you see quite a few being used in town for errands. I have also been looking at the old Suzuki Samari or the Sidekick. There is a club here that runs them in the desert.