Au Sable River, MI

What’s the best 5 hour paddle location on Au Sable (no portages, no rapids greater than 2+) at paddling speed of 3mph. Shuttle service recommendations? Good tent campground recommendations?

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Ausable River Canoe Marathon.

ARICM, Grayling, MI 49738


ARICM, Oscoda, MI 48750


Penrods, Borchers, Rays Canoe liveries…same rates.

Grayling to Wakely bridge, 5 hours, no rapids on whole river. Burtons campground, keystone, Louis too.

highly recommend
the South Branch Au Sable from Roscommon through the Mason Tract. Chase Bridge to McMasters Bridge (after the confluence with the main Au Sable) is roughly 20 miles, easy shuttle via McMasters Bridge Rd.

something to think about
Fishing is really picking up from what I hear. Maybe try and plan your on-water travel during midday.

Ausable South Branch
Thanks, am looking into shuttle and camps for this section.

Lower Part
Mio has an outfitter that will shuttle. If you start west of Mio, there’s some nice paddling, but if you continue downstream, there’s a wild area and the river is very private. Nice place to stop and have lunch about midway. I’ve done a good part of that river, and wouldn’t do the upper part again - too many people, cabins, low water in spots. I’d post some pictures but that isn’t possible yet. But the lower part is definitely the wilder, more private part.