Au Sable winter overnight

It’s been warm but we still had our winter trip. It’s been spring like here in Michigan but storms rolled through on Friday and the temperature dropped. The Au Sable was high and made for a good paddle down to White Pine campground. The canoes haul the fire wood & the kayakers sponge off of us. It’s a great time - I think its my 26th year. Its the 36th for my friend that organizes these trips. We had one swimmer (reasonably prepared and all was well) and one kayak stuck the bow under a log & I had to paddle back up & give the log a lift. A little snow on Saturday and sun & wind on Sunday.

That’s such a pretty river. Smart kayakers. Let the workhorses haul the wood. :wink:

I’m always amazed at the difference in snow levels just south of us. Not sure if the landscape looks the same today as March arrived in full lion roar up here, dumping between a foot and 18" of snow. Makes the skiers and snowmobilers happy, but not this paddler.