Audio Books??????

Can anyone recommend some good outdoor adventure type audio books or sources to buy them?

There are lots of good outdoor adventure type books out there but seems pretty hard to find them on CD. Or maybe there is an online store out there that stocks audio books of this genre.

So far my search online has been pretty fruitless.

What audio books of this general subject have you enjoyed?



what about putting them on an
mp3 player or ipod. that’s what i do.

I guess I could do that. In which case I guess you could download them online as an ebook right? That may open up more options…but still need to find some that are available.


Have you listened to an audio book?
I borrowed a library book-on-CD, copied the files to my computer, and then converted formats so I could listen to the book on my iPod.

It was a lot of work, but more annoyingly, there was no way to backtrack like you can with a real paper book. If you do it this way, you can only hop file-by-file.

This was a real problem for me, as I tend to fall asleep when listening to people talking on tape, CD, or iPod! Even interesting stuff like CarTalk podcasts and these books! If I’m walking or driving I don’t fall asleep, LOL, but if I’m just sitting or (worse yet) lying down, chances are very good I’ll doze off and wake up wondering what I missed. And yeah, I have fallen asleep during boring meetings at work, much to my horror.

So if you have this tendency, make sure you are always on the move when you listen to an audio book. Otherwise, you’re gonna miss big chunks of the book.

audible is one good source.

I have enjoyed “A Walk in the Woods” by Bill Bryson, a good adventure and funny too.

I have one for you
not sure if it’s an adventure, but I have Kabloona Among the Inuit on CD. If you want it, send me your address by email and I’ll ship it to you.


Patrick F McManus
McManus is a humor writer whose themes are typically outdoor adventures gone bad.

He is pretty funny. I know some of his stuff has been available on audiobook.

Go browse the catalog at Should give you an idea of what is available.

Try your local library
My local library had- I haven’t checked for several yrs- an extensive audio book collection.

In PA if the book (audio) exists anywhere in the PA Library system, you can request an interlibrary loan and they will ship it your local library for your listening pleasure.

Society for the Blind is another source for audio books.

let us know what you find.

Free. Because it is free the readers are volunteer amateurs. The quality is not as good as professional readers used by the commercial publishers. But what do you expect for free?

If you want a great outdoor paddling adventure:

John Wesley Powell’s journal of his trip down the Green River and Colorado River.

Theodore Roosevelt’s journal of his canoe trips in the Amazon rain forest.

Both are at Search by author.

Load into your mp3 player.