August Total Eclipse

I had been living in SC less than a year when a total eclipse passed over the state in March 1970. I saw a map of it’s path and drove to the lowcountry with my telescope and camera and got some good slides. This August there will be another total eclipse. the direct path will pass over a section of the Saluda River near where I live and often paddle. I will be somewhere on the direct path again. Sure hope it isn’t cloudy here at home on that date. I am posting a link to a google map of this path for any here who might be interested.

Hey Detritus, it seems to me that a total eclipse over SC should be seen from anywhere in the state. I’m with Rusty on going to Hartwell.

Look at the link I posted, the shadow of total eclipse is limited in the area it covers. Areas outside the track of the shadow of total eclipse will experience a partial eclipse. The central track of the shadow yields the longest viewing time. Detritus knows! Wear special glasses, or view with a shadow box. B)

Here is a link for the glasses.

You are a good photographer so I’ll look forward to you pictures.