August Trip Recommendations?

Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland Area:

I am looking to take a 2 ½ day canoe trip during the weekend of August 26th.

Ideal trip would include:

=> Camp two nights and paddle for two days: half of day 1, all of day 2, half of day 3

=> Leisurely pace for fishing and playing around (Frisbee and such) about 10 miles a day depending on speed of the water. Really more of a float trip than a paddle trip.

=> Some rapids would be fun ( Primitive Camping on sand bars, rock beds or public islands

=> Decent fishing

=> Beautiful scenery if possible

=> Fairly consistent depth between 2.5 and 5 feet with some deeper holes

My buddy and I prefer primitive camping without a lot of people on the river; however, we are open to all trip suggestions. Our biggest concern is the depth of the river during late August. We travel to a different river every year and have found that August really reduces our options. Any suggestions that fit this criteria?

In western Pa…
Allegheny and Clarion Rivers fit most of your requirements (unless the water is REALLY low). Check out this site: then from the menu select boating, then PA water trails. It’s a good start for PA anyway.

Happy Paddlin’