AuSable River - Grayling Michigan

I am planning to take my first extended kayak trip. I am considering starting in Grayling, or Burton’s landing, and continuing on to the 4001 bridge or Alcona Dam. I think this should be doable in 3-4 days.

Is this over ambitious? I am used to paddling 8-10 hours per day on overnight trips. Which part of the trip would you skip, if any?

I have my own kayak. Does anyone know which liveries offer shuttle service here?

Are there restrictions on the river pertaining to glass bottles or styrofoam coolers?

Any comments / suggestions?

No problem
The marathon leaders will reach Alcona about 8 or 9 hours after leaving Grayling. Your trip should be easily done in 3 or 4 days. I’m sure any of the liveries will shutle for you.

my paddling MI rivers
book indicates between 30 - 50 or so hours to paddle the entire trip. So shouldn’t be a problem. Rivers have been high the s year so far so it may be faster still. Enjoy your trip, sorry haven’t used any shuttle services out of Grayling.