Ausable South MI camp/paddle

We are planning a trip from PaddleBrave Canoe Livery (about 1/2 hours from Wallace Park) to Rainbow Bend Campground (overnight) to Camp 10 Bridge for take-out. We were estimating no more than 6 hours on the water. We’re experienced kayakers. Is this itinerary doable, assuming OK water conditions? We did one 35 mile stretch of the upper Missouri last fall (2 1/2 mph water flow) in less than 8 hours.

yes, but
I suggest getting an early start the 1st day and take your time to soak in the magic of the South Branch.

It’s about 20 miles on the first day
And that’s the best part of the river. I’d agree with an early start so you can slow down & enjoy. The South Branch is intimate and you are not likely to be running the same speed as on the Big Missouri. Dennis & Date do show 6 - 9 hours for that trip though. You shouldn’t have any problems on the Main stream.