Aussie paddling Montana to St. Louis

Hey Aussie Bob Bellingham is paddling solo 2300 miles from Three Forks Montana to St. Louis.

Check out his blog and follow alongs. Some great photos and videos.

Wish him well.


nearing n d
Bob s making good time. Good pics!

thnx for sharing…

Thanks for posting
After paddling the 129 miles from Wood Bottom to James Kipp in Montana, we left Ft Benton the day Bob got there.

I’ve sent him an email we may help him with transportation once he gets to St Louis, maybe get a chance to paddle with him.



I Remember him talking abt yr trip. He Should be in st. Louis in about 55 days. He is paddling with muddy mike from st… Louis so he Probably has lots of help. He may camp at mikes house

news story from columbia
Here is todays paper on bob:

We paddled with Bob today
He’s a great guy and obviously a strong paddler. As an added bonus we met TnT when we pulled out in Washington, Mo. All of us had a great visit over lunch.

Bob is still on schedule to finish Tuesday.



thanks yes
randy—talked to bob last night, yeah he said he had a great time with your all paddling.

thanks for all the help.


are you on the facebook thingy???

I have a big paddlers site in groups called

“missouri river paddlers”

come on over

The Aussie has landed
Bob sent a Spot locator from dead in the middle of the Mississippi/Missouri confluence at 8:04 Tuesday morning. He left a voicemail saying TnT caught up with him at the Chain of Rocks portage and they made the Arch by midday.

Congratulations Bob for a feat few of us would ever attempt.