Australian trip report

For anyone that might be interested, I live in southeast Queensland, a state in eastern Australia and a paddler from down south is currently doing an expedition all the way up Qeenslands coast. He’s uploading trip reports each day to his web site - - There’s photo’s and coordinates to find him on Google earth. Anthony pulled in here, Noosa, a few weeks back and he’s got lots of great gear. 6 months + 3 thousand kilometres to Thursday Island (Top of Queensland).

Great Trip report…
with some nice pics. I belive it’s out of range for most of us, but that makes it all the more wonderful to read about, and enjoy.



Thanks for posting it…Quick link…

– Last Updated: Jun-09-06 8:14 PM EST – It's very nice to see news from halfway around the world. Good report and great pics. You should submit it here to be placed in the trip report section!

I found your boat very interesting in that it was designed to stand on. It also seems to have much more rocker than Brit or American kayaks.

The web page account for the Perfection Polar Bear kayaks has been closed but I found information the Composite kayak article.

and this cached link to Perfection Kayaks that you will need to paste