Authentic GP paddlers

Where do you put the spear?

well,… when see the troll well
you will notice a certain orifice of vulnerability,

Ya Know…
gotta love this place… :slight_smile:


right in between the eyes!!!

THAT sounds like a pain in the butt! :wink:

Can someone please
translate peter_k’s post. Everone else seems to understand, but I don’t get it

I have seen pictures where the inuit attached the spear/harpoon to the side of the kayak just under the water to prevent it from being coveed in ice when they were ready to throw it.

Hopefully your question was genuine and not an attempt to make crude fun of GP paddlers, but if it was, at least you learned something too.

take a look at some of the innuit sites. YOu will see that they carried a lot of gear on top of their boats when hunting.


Make fun?

Heaven forbid!

So Chukchi attends the PEN conference, and, amazed, everyone asks: “Do you like Kundera?” “Do you read Garcia?” “Do you read Tolstoy?” To which he replies, “Chukchi is not a reader. Chukchi is a writer.”

Have fun
Hopefully you will learn all the skills necessary for your safe and fun time on the water. And concurrently that you will learn to take it all in with a grain of salt and open mindedness.

For me and many others, going to an SOF, and using a GP, the skills came much more readily and I can unequivicably say that I would not be anywhere near as advanced if I had stayed with a only a production boat given my time on the water. And for the frequent times that I paddle my Outer Island or my Tempest, my confidence level and abilities are much higher because of exploring the “roots” of this sport and knowing why the tools available at the time worked so well to keep them alive. Every one of them is transferrable to those that choose to use the sport recreationally which includes every one of us.


You’re all so ernest. Now I feel bad. Here’s a real question then:

Does anyone here practice on those balancing boards I’ve heard about? Something greenlanders practice on in their youth. I imagine a ball or can under a board.

I was going to make a balance board…
… but just built a skinnier qajaq instead.

doesn’t hurt as much when you fall over into water.


Bigger question
Literally - where do you put the whale after you caught it?

On the beach so you can cut him up.
Be very careful before you cut though. There are a lot of non-ocean whales on beaches these days.