Auto paint for gel coat touch up?

Ever tried it?

Got a few rubbed spots to cover and Confluence is impossible to contact. I wanted to get some gel coat from them.

Might have an easier time contacting
Wilderness Systems customer service reps via the website. I’ve always had quick response times this way.

Now that you’ve got that beautiful T 165, you might join the group at Yahoo. Lots of info there, and it’s a quick way to reach Steve who works with Confluence (and is one of the co-designers of the Tempest).

Having a bright red composite Dagger,
I was considering nail polish. It might be good for small dings.

Yes, as long as it is not on the bottom
of the hull where it will get scraped right off on sandy beach landings.

Five or six years ago, I dropped my QCC off the roof of my pick up while unloading it, and it got a nasty ouch on the bow, (right into the kevlar). I called Phil, and he said just fill it in with epoxy,sand and then get some white automotive paint to match. It was still there when I traded the boat last year.

Right now, I am using some automotive yellow and black to touch up our big Necky Tandem.

It is not the correct way, but it works for small places

Jack L

The spots are on the deck. I’ll try auto
paint which is a good color match.

Curious why?
Is this a cost issue? - numerous places sell both the gelcoat and pigments

Cliff Jacobson does
Cliff has advocated using auto body Bondo to fill in gel coat scratches and covering it with automotive paint.

You can probably get a much closer color match with auto paint than you could adding pigment to gel coat repair putty since vastly more colors are available.

Any paint will be subject to scraping off. I use Krylon Fusion on the bottom of whitewater Royalex canoes on which the outer vinyl color layer has worn off. It too scratches off but seems to have a little better adherence to plastics, but the color selection is limited.

You can use those .99 acrylic things too
but gotta spray clear over them.

Cost is exactly the issue. Gel coat plus

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pigment gets expensive. Auto touch-up paint was $7.99 .
The auto paint did a great job!Nearly a perfect match.Given its' pedigree,it should be fine in an area that is not normally subject to abrasion.

I beat you !
I got two touch up pens (auto paint)- One yellow, and the other black) for 2.99 each

Jack L