Automatic fish catching

Sometimes it amazes me how easy it can be. This evening my son and I went out to a small lake on our guideboat. We used a solid fiberglass rod with a Zebco 33 and a floating Rapala.

I think this combo has worked well for me everywhere except offshore.

Then there are those days you catch
nothing and everthing is a hassle, constantly getting hung up, monster backlashes, bugs biting through the 100% DEET, and you forgot the sunscreen. But, what the hey, you’re out on the water having fun, right?

for years
For years all I used was a 5.5 foot medium action rod and a zebco 33 classic. Now I have about 40 setups that consume most of a room. I honestly cannot say I have any more fun using any of them than I had when all I used was the zebco and a few beetle spins on the little creeks. I actually just rewrapped the broken guides on that rod and plan to use it this summer.