Automotive clear coat to seal a tiny chip in surf ski paint?

The bottom corner of my surf ski touched down on asphalt (not hard) while I was carrying it to the water. The paint appears to all be there, but the contact point has a tiny circle where the “skin” broke.

If I prep this spot (assume very light sanding is needed), would a few thin coats of automotive clear coat suffice to prevent water getting to the layup? The ski is carbon-kevlar, without any gel coat.

Dab of thick CA (SuperGlue)?

Clear coat would work and also any marine rated clear epoxy.

Thanks for the replies. Marine epoxy would be difficult or impossible to get locally. Auto clear coat in small touch-up bottles is available, though. I did consider glueing it and decided it might cause problems down the line.


Phix Doctor - Micro size.
Clear UV cured resin.

I keep one of these in my kayak aid kit. Works best before sundown. :wink:

If you can’t find locally drop me a line and I can mail you one.

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