Autopilot 120 anchoring

I am new to kayaking. I have to remain seated to cast and cannot stand. I fish LAKES and want to have my kayak face the shoreline at 90 degrees. When i use spot lock it puts me parallel to the shore. Hoping someone can help me.
If not, would 2 anchors 1 at front and 1 at stern be a good alternative.

I had to look up what Spot Lock was. Seems like it is a GPS positioning system using a trolling motor. As such, it will probably try to keep the trolling motor in one spot, as if you were anchored. Your kayak would then turn to point into the wind or current (which ever is stronger or an average of the 2 if they are both strong).
<<Edit - actually likely point away from wind and current, if trolling motor is attached to stern.>>

The same would happen with a single anchor.

2 anchors could keep you pointed the way you want, but would be time consuming to set and have the chance of spooking the fish. You will probably want to get an anchor trolley for each anchor you use.

Thanks a million.

Mount an anchor trolley on the side of your kayak from bow to stern (that’s what I did in my fishing kayak). The kayak will always blow to be down wind from the ring that the anchor rope runs through, and with the trolley you can pull the cord to put the ring wherever you need to to keep the kayak pointed in the direction would like. For instance, if the wind is blowing directly in to shore, you would want the ring to be at the stern. If it is blowing out from shore, you would have the ring at the bow. For points in between, you would adjust the ring’s position to point the kayak where you would like.

Thanks so much for your help