autumn mist solo canoe by sawyer

I’ve seen some discussions on this site about the Sawyer company coming back into business and the Autumn Mist being produced again, but I can’t find the company on the web or any information about where to buy one. Can anyone help?

Here’s The Link

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Scroll down and you'll see a pic and prices (but no pic of the Autumn Mist). Friend, McWood, has dealt with the company and he says the owner/builder is a great guy. Autumn Mist is a darn fine boat, one of the boats I really regret selling. WW

Old Design
Why would you want to buy a new canoe that was designed so long ago when modern designs are so much superior?



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We know better, don't we? WW

Deja Vu all over again

Did you read that line off a billboard in Lake Placid?

people CAN change
Maybe Charlie’s wisdom is rubbing off on me!!!


old design?
It amuses me someone would say that since Dave Yost is thought to be one of the better canoe designers of our present day.

Do we all know he designed the Autumn Mist? (I got one, so I am biased)

Another tact, the prospector canoe is pretty popular now, with many companies turning out their version of this venerable hull shape.

One more pitch, there are guys out there wanting Blackhawk canoes because they se them as a classic, as a great boat, as a special canoe. Yet they have not been made in many years, I suspect Phil is smiling, somewhere…


Maybe George
Maybe you wish everyone in the market for an efficient solo would buy a “new modern” design and the prices for the Old Stuff would drop. But would the drop in value of your collection of obsolete Sawyer designs be worse than being able to buy more for a song. A Summersong,


You know you NEED my Sawyer Summersong and Sawyer Starlight in your collection. I’d make you suuuuuch a deal.

Yes, Owned One Myself
Thought the “Old designs” was in jest. Maybe I’m a bit dense, but I didn’t think anyone was disrespecting DY. WW

Quite a few people…

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Quite a few people are under the "mistaken" impression that Blackhawk canoes are classics.


They are scows.

I'm about half a bubble off center; I love to paddle scows, and kinda like the way some of them look.

If you have an unloved/unwanted scow, gathering dust in your garage, loafing shed, or storage unit; please contact me, and perhaps I can assist you in getting rid of it asap.

What YOU "really" want/need is a brand new, high dollar, 25 pound, candy colored, metal flaked, wonder rocket in the nuclear fusion layup that will paddle "effortlessly", and garner lots of attention.

The scows I am most actively seeking are the Shadow 13, Proem-85, Fishhawk, Covenant, and Shaman.

Email me/send photos.


Bob, you sly dog!

Jim :wink:

Only half a bubble?!?

Uh Oh!

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A member of the peanut gallery weighs in...........

Even being a half a bubble off center; I can keep my SRT upright Pete........
Don't make me ask Terry to post photos of your effort.

Was on the Current yesterday by the way.
Did an 18 miler; you would have loved it.
Weather was primo, and the "river dork" & "jon boat jockey: count was very low; just the way I like it.

The lawn mower calls...........


I just didn’t want to see a guy sell himself short.

Buewater is producing the design and is calling it the Mist.

I was jesting. I still like Sawyers. I only have eight though. I tried to buy another one today. I do not have an Autumn Mist yet. I had never even seen one until I got a chance to paddle one at Coopers Lake this past June. It seemed kinda fat to me. I prefer long sleek designs for day tripping. I suppose it would be a fine choice for a week or so trip. I meant no disrespect to Charlie Wilson or David Yost. The billboard in Lake Placid post really made me laugh though.

David Yost told me, at Coopers Lake, “that if he had to make a living producing any of the canoes that he designed for Sawyer it would be the Autum Mist”. That tells me how much he thinks of the Autumn Mist. He also said that if he had the choice to produce any of his designs it would not be one of his Sawyers. He did not tell me which one though.

My latest Sawyer is a Starlight that one of my daughters has claimed. I still need a Summersong, an Autumn Mist, and a Loon to complete the Sawyer solos.


I’ve got your Summersong : )

well george, seems yanoer has some and i have the other 2 for you, a autumn mist (1984) still has the layup sticker on it, superlite layup, in very good cond. also a loon, has thin gelcote in some area, appeared not to have had very much gelcote on it, its very light, kinda gold color on the inside, made in 1964, never paddled them, just bought them becasue they were unique in my area