Avocet for XL

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An Explorer is my mainstay. It fits great, paddles well and I have no complaints or plans to sell. I picked up an older used poly Avocet in a barter/trade and for me it has been a fun, lively and well mannered day,play boat. I fit in it fine (surprisingly), but at 220lbs sink it a little deep.

Chime in on what slightly larger volume boats (poly or composite) you might think would have some of the same well mannered fun without fear characteristics that the Avocet has and isn't too similar to the Explorer.

xl play boat
NDK Romany HV/Posieden. Or if you can wait a little bit, NDK will have it’s new yet to be named “X boat” which is supposed to be exactly what you are looking for.

I fit it great, sink it enough to get a little of the chine in the water, but have only paddled it in flat water demos. I know it probablly weathercocks a bit more. Would it have a little of the Avocet’s fun and user friendly characteristics or be completely different?

Nordkapp LV or RM
The 'kapp LV is a blast. Higher volume than an Avocet but lower than an Aquanaut. Also more playful than an Aqunaut – seemed more playful to me than an Avocet as well.

The plastic Nordkapp is supposed to be closer to the LV than the full size 'kapp.

I remember you once had the Ellsemere on your short list of boats. What did you find for similarities and none similarities between the Nordkapp and Ellesmere?

Ellesmere and Nordkapp
The Ellesmere is faster and feels to have more solid secondary stability than a Nordkapp. I recall really liking the way an Ellesmere handles edging and leaning. The boat turns gracefully. A Nordkapp feels like a more demanding boat to me.

The Nordkapp LV is a much livlier boat than a regular Nordkapp and felt more spritely than I recall an Ellesmere. I would not be surprised if a Nordkapp LV is lower volume than an Ellesmere.

Apparently the Nordkapp went through several reincarnations and one used model might not be the same as another.

Yup there have been numerous changes to the Nordkapp over the past 30 years. Valley still has two different models available (in addition to LV and poly).

My point of comparison is the Jubilee/H2O model.

The Nordkapp LV is new and there is only one version in composite and now the poly Nordkapp for which Peter Orton gave the accurate specs here and noted that its personality was closer to an LV than a Jubilee.

P&H Capella 166 RM
Fun boat. High forgiveness margin. Great 3 layer plastic composition.

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No kidding, try a Valley Pintail with a keyhole cockpit. I’m 6’1, probably a little heavier and it fit fine although a little snug. Didn’t ride too low but it couldn’t be a gear-hauler for me. Been keeping my eyes open for a used one - ocean cockpit ones are fairly easy to find though.