Avocet LV

Here is your chance to be part of the design process. As posted on another thread, our next project is going to be a “proper” small persons kayak. Probably an Avocet LV.

My aim will be to get at least two prototypes out to the US (one east coast one west) by April/May time. I will ensure these are as widely available as possible. After a couple of months for feedback we’ll adopt as much of the feedback as possible into the finished design. This will be officially launched at OR in August.

As a designer this my hardest target paddler group because as a 6ft near 200lbs male I have no way of trying the boat and understanding how it will feel for a paddler almost half my weight. So other people’s feedback is vital.

I will post here and on our website when and where the prototypes are available to try

Great News

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This is a much appreciated opportunity - thanks !

I've been pretty critical about fit - so I owe you an inconvenient drive to get into this prototype. Also, keeping any negatory comments off the presses while you are taking in feedback.

The one issue is scheduling - I play in two orchestras on the side and April and May are likely to be tight on time. I'll keep posted so that I can set aside the time to go get it wet, but the earlier the better as far as notice goes.

Hey, don’t forget about Great Lakes folks!

Peter- I’m a smaller paddler
and I’d be happy to try and comment upon the prototype if you have any boats in the midwest.

Good luck. I think an Avocet LV is a jolly good (is that how you guys say it over there) concept.

to Peter
Thank You Peter

I am glad to see that the issue of providing boats “of Renown” for smaller framed paddlers is finally going to be addressed. Those of us with smaller framed wives and anyone that runs a demo beach at symposium’s have been struggling for years trying to put people in boats that fit rather than just padding it down to sort of fit.

The width and the deck height have been two places that to date have been addressed very little. For the smaller framed among the paddling community is has been akin to the rest of us (160 to 210 pounds) having someone that is over 300 pounds and about 7 ½ feet tall , designing all the boats. The magic number 22 being the most worked around width of boat.

When working a demo beach, and a smaller person comes up to ask what they should demo. We are stuck putting them into boats where they have a difficult time not continuously banging their thumbs on the front deck. Both because they are too wide and too tall. The thigh braces also tend to about 4 inches too far forward.

I applaud your new Nordkapp LV, as a very fine paddling boat for someone our size. It however did not fill the class of a expedition boat for smaller framed paddlers. It just added a very fine day boat for the rest of us. More in the class of the longer Avocet crowd.

As of right now there is very little for the smaller framed paddlers. When someone comes to a demo beach, The Anas Acuta is the only Valley boat, otherwise it’s the Impex force 3, the Current designs Rumor, the P & H Vela, The P & H Capella 161, the P & H Sirius, The NDK Explorer LV and the NDK Romany LV and the NF Silhouette. The Wilderness System Sparrow Hawk is now out of production. (Please, don’t get outraged P-Netters, if you don’t see your boat in this list, there are a few others.)

The Avocet hull is a first rate design, pleasing many people that have tried it. Of all the Valley boats offered, the two I would hope to see made for the smaller framed paddlers are the Nordkapp and the Avocet. (20 inches wide or 20 ½ inches wide, like the Anas Acuta is a good goal) wider than 21 inches wide is just getting into the already saturated sizes readily available on the market today.

This would also make my wife very happy…. And, as everyone knows….”If Mama isn’t happy, nobody is”

Best Wishes


A thought
One thing to consider is an adjustable seat (and possibly adjustable thigh braces). Something that the height and angle can be changed within a certain range, like the Kajaksport boats have.

This way, you can accomodate a wider range of paddlers who are looking for an LV boat. We have a Foster Silhouette that my girlfriend paddles (And she absolutely loves it), and when I paddle it, I find the front edge of the seat bites into my thighs. I’d paddle it a lot more if it wasn’t so uncomfortable after two hours or so. An adjustable seat would make it work for both of us.

I think your concept of making a true LV boat is a winner. It’s much better than just cutting down the deck on an expedition boat that’s too big for your new target market to begin with.



send one here in Minneapolis…
I’m a low volume kayak junkie and although I loved the Nordkapp LV, I would definitely love to try out the Avocet LV as I’m a big fan of the Avocet/Anas Acuta/Pintail/Skerray line. Thanks for listening to your customers. For sure my next sea kayak WILL be Valley.

Where in East Coast?
Well, at 5’4 and 110lb, I think I might qualify as a “small” paddler. If not, my 5’, 100 lb girl friend certainly would! ;o)

Looking forward to try it out!

Very exciting news
Where do you think this boat or prototype would be available on the east coast. Anywhere near New England, at GRO perhaps?

Michigan for instance!
we are home to the Great Lakes and a plethora of Valley dealers as well… send one to Tiffany at Riverside Kayak Connection in Wyandotte MI and I’ll stop by and try it as well… I am the small paddler - 115 lbs (or 8.21 stone) and 5’3" (160.02 cm). I promise gentle handling and a fair review!

Bless you : D

Will try
Will try to ensure it gets around as much as possible between our dealers