Avocet LV?

I understand there is a prototype of the Avocet LV in the US now and has been at at least one trade show/symposium. Has anyone seen/sat/paddled in it and have opinions/observations?

Beautiful looking boat
That should be excellent for smaller paddlers.

How small?
Anymone know what the suggested capacity of this boat?

I’ve got the 2007 catalog in front
of me and the LV optimal weight on the stability against load curve is 100 lbs. The Avocet glass is 140lbs. and the Avocet RM is 130 lbs. They list the ideal weight range for the LV at 60-140 lbs., the glass Avocet at 100-185lbs. and the RM at 85-175lbs.



2007 Valley catalogue?
Hardcopy? Did you pick it up at the Kayak Center or have GRO mail it to you?

The most recent Valley catalogue I received from GRO didn’t list the Avocet LV.

The Valley reccomended weights have a lot of leeway. I’m happy at 160 in an Avocet RM, and know a couple of lighter folks who have felt it was big for them.

Hard copy from Bay Creek.

I’ve been in an Avocet for 2 years at 195-200. There isn’t much secondary at this weight (heavy upper torso), but it has very good initial. Pretty much opposite of what lighter people feel. I’m now within a stones throw of the high end of optimal weight and I’ve already noticed much better secondary.


Avocet LV?!?!
wouldn’t that essentially be like, a Pirouette?

The Pirouette is a bit shorter :slight_smile:
from the catalog:

Avocet LV L; 15’11" W: 20.5" D: 11.5" Weight: 45lbs in Diolen construction (probably without outfitting). “Not just scaled for volume but scaled for fit.” Also new, Rapier 19RM, Rush+ and Storm (surf kayaks), and AA with a keyhole option.