Avocet RM and IR Reggie - help!


I just received a new IR Reggie backband to replace my Valley band in my Avocet RM. However, I can’t figure out how to attach it.

The stiff plastic straps (that go through the ratchets) have large plastic “blocks” at the end - molded as one unit. They are supposed to go through slots in the seat. There is no other alternative connection method that was supplied.The Avocet RM has a molded glass seat that seems fused to the bottom of the boat, meaning there are no visible bolts. There are no voids of any kind along the hip area so I can’t see how I would pass the stiff strap there, even if I wanted to drill slots - which I don’t really. The boat has a loop of cord at the hip areas and that’s used to pass a backband strap through - at least that’s the way the Valley backband is attached.

There were no “adaptor straps” in the pack, although I’m not sure I could use them either, as they are supposed to connect to a seat bolt and my boat has none…

I may be able to use the “pro-straps” to attach to the boat, but then I don’t get to use the ratchet system and I don’t have stabilizing straps, whcih I could use.

Any ideas of how to use the Reggie on this boat before I start thinking of another?



Another reason for minicell
foam backrest. I had the same problem trying

a rapidpulse backrest, I made it work with one long strap through the rope loops.

That lasted 2trips before going to minicell,

still no regrets.

I think you showed me what you’d done with your Avocet last year. Nice work! I may get there but for now I’m still trying to see if another back band can fit this boat without mods.



I think that the regie was made/sold with two different types of attachment points…

call IR they might have a bolt on versio that would be easier to use…

questions on minicell
Apologies to OP for hijacking.

How did you make the backrest - photos, tips, etc.

A pic
Here is the finished one…


Look back a page or two to see my first one, and

the kayak I got the idea from. Also check out

Bnystrom’s pics, also on webshots.

Easy to make, glue two pieces of minicell together to make a 6"thick piece, A knife, sandpaper, and a “shureform” tool is all you need.

I need to update my album, I want to add a “mod” folder.

I had the same problem
I ended up emailing IR and getting the adaptor straps. I then put 2 blind rivets on each side into the black plastic seat insert(not the hull) under the hip pads and bolted it in place. The foam of the hip pad covered the bolts. You do need to use the elastic straps and/or pro straps to keep the backband up. Not elegant but it worked fine.