Avocet RM "History"?

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I am looking at purchasing Valley Avocet RM. I have found a used one about a 4-hour drive from home. The original owner did send me pics. However, the only thing I can discern for certain is that the boat was purchased in 2005, so I suspect it is a model year '04 or '05. I can see it has the older foam-like seat. Are all Valley Avocet RM made from tri-laminate poly? I am trying to get a straight answer from the gent on the year of manufacturer, but even if I do that I am not familiar enough with the history or development of the Avocet RM to know which year had what features.

Material has changed
A friend’s 2006 RM Avocet is stiffer lighter weight plastic than any of the many other RM Avocets I’ve seen.

2006 may have been the first year of the current process/material.

The last two digits of the serial number inscribed on the stern is the year of manufacture.

Year and material
Ask the seller to provide you the last two digits of the hull identification number (HIN). Those two digits are the model year. The original Avocet RM did not use triple-layer polyethylene. As I recall, the Avocet RM was first manufactured using triple-layer polyethylene in 2005, but I would check with someone at Valley or Great River Outfitters to confirm the year.

Call Bay Creek in Rochester and Atlantic Kayak Tours in Peekskill. I have an '04 with the foam seat and the older non-triple layer plastic. I like this seat better than the new seat, as does another friend who has an '06 boat this is triple layer, a stiffer plastic. You cannot put the old seat in the newer boats.

Part II - The folks a Bay Creek will swear that the new triple layer is heavier than the old plastic. I’ve carried both boats one after the other and it sure seems the new triple layer is lighter to me.

So, now I’m confused. BTW, both the new and old version are in stock at Bay Creek - it may be worth a drive to test paddle both to check comfort and weight.


Bay Creek’s Avocets

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I called Bay Creek. Dave there indicated that they have an '04 and '05 in-stock, which have identical features (i.e. older foam seat, single-ply poly).

Currently they do not have the newer tri-laminate '06/07 version in-stock, but they may order some in.

Yeah, Dave claimed that the tri-laminate construction makes for a stiffer, but heavier boat than the single-ply.

Safe paddling,

Fit is different
The new seats and the new thigh braces make the triple dump boats much smaller in the cockpit. Weight is negligible between the old and the new. A pound or two tops. I wouldn’t fret over it as Valley’s latest build is much superior in quality.

I have an '06 Valley Avocet RM triple
…and it rocks. I wrote a review. It is a good boat, and it likes to play. I have a friend C_IL who has a single layer older Avocet Rm and he still rocks it out and playboats it on boat wakes. I see little difference when I look at the two boats together. I never sat in his. I do sit in mine. It feels wicked good. Nice size. Typical crummy backband… I put in an Immersion Research.


Re-read your post
and you mentioned Aquanaut RM. Is this what you are looking at or did you mean Avocet? We’ll have to try an weigh our two boats. To me the new one feels 8 lbs. lighter, but it just can’t be. A couple of us have 04’s and another has an 06 Avocet (sans the new seat) in the Albany area. Give a shout if you ever get up is way.

Cooldoc, I did read your Avocet review
and emailed you (via p.net) a couple of follow-up questions, but I never heard back.

Fwiw, it seems that the “double-blind” p.net mail interface does not always work (i.e. I have had several folks tell me that they never received my inquires).


tcvrider, I never got it.

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You already have a similar VCP Aquanuat LV, I see. I know that boat also from my fellow paddler bruce, a Pnetter sometimes, and always prophetic when he is on here. :-) A nice steed, indeed, the A-naut.