Avocet RM/Tempest 165, part II

Well, I managed to find a place ( http://windnwaterboatworks.com/ ) that let me demo WS Tempest 165.

Here my impressions:

My 5’9’’ 150lb frames T165 fits very well, outfitting is very good, though pedals felt a bit too ready to flex. A much tighter fit than Avocet. It tracks well.

Avocet RM responds much better to leans, maneuvers better.

So, any of you know a dealer that could ship two RM Avocets to ZIP 44135 ? :wink:

I would like to thank posters for advice given to my earlier post. My appreaciate for Wind’n Water

Boatworks for demo boat. BTW, they have very attractive deals for their EOS sale - need to call though, the website is less than informative.

What’s nice about Avocet (Valley)
Is the fact that on theri poly boats the hatch rings and bulkheads are fused in place via a welding methodology. Years ago there were a few failures, but that’s long since been fixed. To me that makes them a valid poly boat and places them ahead of others in terms of function & long term water-tightness. It’s also a fun kayak to paddle.

contact GRO
If you contact Valley’s importer GRO

phone 041 667 2670


email info@grokayaks.com

I’m sure they will put you in touch with the right dealer

Kind regards