Avocet RM thighbrace modification


I did this mod several years ago shortly after buying the boat. I was just learning to roll and the tiny stock thighbraces felt useless. This made a huge difference.

I started with a Perception thighbrace. Perception used to have intershangeable thighbraces for some of their boats, which I think included the early Shadow and Eclipse. It was a big U-shaped piece with both thighbraces molded in, and could be ordered from a dealer for around $25.

On my wife’s boat I left it in one piece, did some trimming, removed the stock braces, and bolted it on. On my boat(pictured) I cut off the braces and attached them to the stock thighbraces.

Angstrom – I have an Avocet RM
I like what you ahve done with the thigh braces. You mention being new at rolling at the time you did the mod; now, being more skilled at rolls (I presume), do you think the stock thigh br5aces would work for you?

I like the generous contact "hooks’ you have made and wish mine had something like that. Thanks for posting the pictures.

needing braces
I probably don’t need such an aggressive brace any more. I’ve thought of trimming them back a bit. But my legs aren’t big, and I suspect that the stock braces would still feel too small and slippery.

I’d encourage you to make the changes you want to make the boat fit. You can’t really enjoy the Avocet if you don’t feel secure in the cockpit.

Older vs. Newer Avocets
The 2006 RM Avocet has adjustible thigh braces that are bolted in. The older boats (mine is a 2004) are like you describe with a slippery thigh brace. This is because there is no padding on the underside of the brace - it’s just smooth plastic. I added some 1/4" minicell foam to the bottom of the thigh braces and this was all I needed. In fact even this is somewhat too tight when I’m wearing my drysuit, but I much prefer loose fitting boats.