Avocet: seat from different model year?

Did Valley changed the seat and/or thigh braces in recent years?

I just happen to jump into a borrowed Avocet a week ago and found the seat/thigh brace much tighter than the one in my (older) model…


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If I may ask a related question . .just bought a new Avocet Sunday and for now, I am fine with the seat although I may build up the thigh pads . . but hate the flimsy backband.

What is a premium backband brand to purchase and replace it with? (Bomber Grear not available)

ImmersionResearch.com makes good backbands.

foam pillar
is a good DIY option that is made to fit you. I have found it encourages better hip and torso rotation. 3" thick and glued to rear cockpit bulkhead works well and does not move or twist during re-entry.