Avoid Low's Lake/Bog River Flow 7/23-25

According to the latest intel, the bugs at Low’s Lake/Bog River Flow are unusually active. Black flies continue to plague canoeists during the day and the mosquitoes are thicker than normal at night. Wetter-than-normal weather is being blamed.

Further intel reveals abnormally high bear activity around the campsites.

Illegal floatplane landings are increasing at an alarming rate.

The loons have either migrated to different waters or have been killed by raccoons.

The fishery has crashed.

Disease has wiped out the blueberry crop…and the blackberries are tainted.

There’s no firewood left.

I’ll be going in this Friday thru Sunday to confirm these reports. For your own comfort and well-being, please avoid Low’s Lake/Bog River Flow until I return.

Pass this alert on to others that might be thinking of heading there this weekend. It would be best if they went to Little Tupper or St. Regis or Blue Mountain Lake.

I know. Some may say it’s very brave, or fool-hardy, of me to face the situations described by our intel reports, but if the paddling community is to thrive, we must have “boots on the ground” and paddle in the water. It is the only way to confirm these reports…so I’ll do it. “Never volunteer” has always the smart way to be…but I cannot sit by while less experianced paddlers endanger themselves in pursuit of happiness.

Wish me luck. Have fun paddling Cranberry Lake or Stillwater or the Saranacs…but don’t risk precious free time at Low’s Lake/Bog River Flow.

I’m sure you understand.

Nice try…

– Last Updated: Jul-20-04 12:33 PM EST –

A man needs backup at times like these! We've been planning to take our son to the Bog/Low's after my wife and I have been twice by ourselves, so we're headed there Thursday PM. He hasn't done much paddling since his accident and is low on stamina so we probably won't camp too far in, maybe along the river. Sandy & I spent a weekend in the middle of June with the lake virtually all to ourselves, so it'll be a little bit of a disappointment this time what with the scouts in session and all, not to mention the catastrophes you described. I'll be glad to take notes & back you up on any claims you want to make regarding bugs, float planes & bears. As a matter of fact I'll have the camera along for photographic evidence. No other volunteers need apply!! LilyDipper and I have got the situation covered.

Maybe we'll bump into you there. Try to have a good time in spite of the negatives! We're going in before you but I unfortunately will have no way to warn you how bad it really is when I get there.


the crowds a coming
Sorry Joe since . . .

With the bugs truly gone, loons calling all night, bass jumping, float planes on vacation, a mystery person leaving cut firewood at all the campsites, and volunteers portaging boats at the upper dam, I just saw an article in the New York Times recommending Lows lake for the weekend you mentioned.

This is terrible

This is just terrible news. I am headed up in the morning to further document the decline. Please keep spreading the word so that people can avoid this abysmal place.


You are the brave one…
Such courage in the face of adversity, do report back…

Is the bad reporting the result of a
poster wanting to keep the place to himself???

Was on the Raquitte River last week and the bugs wern’t to bad and the blueberries were ripining, but it rained everyday

By chance…
Our party was able to avoid the area last week. I was replenishing supplies in Tupper Lake Thursday and do regret not being able to meet up with any of the Pnet crowd. Didn’t know they’d be around. Spent most of the week cruising/camping the Fish Creek, Lil’Square Pond areas. Wonderful time there, certainly glad to avoid such a plagued area a little south of us! Sorry to have missed those brave enough to research and post such warnings!

Just returned from LL/BRF
My family and I just returned from Lows Lake/Bog River Flow/Grassy Pond. We were there for 6 wonderful days! Yea!

The skeeters were a little much at times, but nothing you couldnt handle. no black flies that I saw… but then again the weather wasnt the best, so the rain probably kept them down?

either way, we still had a wonderful time!

…our 6th year there.


thanks to the paddling Gods who helped me find this awesome place. lol