Awesome day fishing

When I bought my kayak I new I would have fun fishing with my brother who bought a kayak at the same time I did.

Well last night though fishing was great as we caught a bunch of catfish and that was cool. On are paddle to are spot we saw a ton of ducks and geese but the best was seeing a Bald Eagle. OMG it was awesome. I soared out of a tree and was just gliding as it went to another tree branch to check out the area. What a beautiful sight to see. Seeing the otter was cool as well. The water snake I walked by in the real shallow area didn’t thrill me as much lol.

The kayak has been one of the best things I bought in a long time and the money invested in my yak, my gear, and fishing supplies is about 1300 bucks but the memories already have been worth every dime!!!

It’s not all about the fishing.
Right on.

Eagles , Otters and Snakes …

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....... quackers and honkers , you gonna have to get a camera to take along with ya . There's going to be plenty more really neat stuff to paste in the ol scrape book before it's over !!

oh , I think that's "digital file and disc space" now a days , lol

and don't let anyone ever tell ya it's not all about fishing either ... the other stuff is fringe benefits and bonuses (especially when the fishin is slow) !!

oh crap , I can't help myself ... "I soared out of a tree and just glided" ... lol ... join the club , I'm one of the typo pros round these parts , but you may be a new challenger , lol

if you would have typoed the 2nd "it" in that sentence to an "I" also , I would of fell out of my chair

that’s great!
glad you’re having fun. when the fish are biting it IS all about the fish! my other fave when they are not biting is being able to access waterways that others can’t. real cool wild life etc. back off the beaten paths.

Welcome to the Dark Side…
Wait until you experience a Manatee exploding next to you, a Humpback Whale breaching yards away, a pod of dolphin corraling bait mere feet away and running under your yak, a Sea Otter rolling over in the Kelp and watching you as you go past, or an Osprey diving for fish next to you.

It gets better with every trip, and you will see more and more things that you would likely never see in a powerboat.

Best of all, the day you get your first sleigh ride with a fish large enough to tow your kayak several hundred yards before landing.

Yep…Welcome to the Dark Side. :-p


Scared by bass
Well Friday evening me and my brother went to the river to fish and while padding out to a group of rocks a bass jumped out of the water twice and was inches from my kayak. I wasn’t expecting it so it startled me. lol

The closest I got to catching a fish all day as it was a slow day for me. My brother caught a fall fish and 20" channel cat buts that was it. Oh well it was great scenery and still better than working. Any my Emotion Stealth SOT worked great once again and even in the rougher than normal conditions it worked great.

Looks like Sunday is the day to redeem myself and haul in a few fish. Going to make a Stake out pole today.

Ditto: yak is my best toy ever
Wyd, you said it well! My kayak is the most pure pleasure fun toy I’ve ever bought in my life. Best money ever spent on an item of outdoor gear.

Eagles are common where I paddle but I never tire of seeing them. For some reason, many kinds of critters let you get really close in a yak.

Lake Fishing this Morning
I was fishing a local lake this morning in my kayak. I was fishing with a plastic worm and it was slow until I changed to a red and black culprit. My second cast I hooked a pretty good sized bass. He pulled me into a weed bed and a tree. I had to change the drag and fend off of a dead tree all at the same time. It was great!!! I landed him in the kayak. What a thrill.

I caught 3 Largemouth bass this morning. My buddy got 6. I had one hit on a top water black jiterbug. They were all hanging real close to the edge of weedbeds.


kayak fishing
Sounded like a great trip. Take a look at these. and

Glad you’re out there.

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From some of the text lingo you use it could indicate that you are a young person getting into the pleasures of the great outdoors. That beats video games all to pieces. This weekend is approaching a full moon. You might enjoy some after dark moonlit paddling and fishing if you have a place away from heavy power boat traffic.

Do it in the dark
I love fishing at night especially when the fish are biting good. But don’t forget to stop lay back and look up at the stars. Most of the time the powerboat traffic has faded away at night so it’s pretty safe if you carry a light and it gets quiet too. You can hear people talking like they are close to you and they will be on the other side of the lake. The crickets chirpping and an occational big fish jumping, it’s great!!