Awesome new product

I tried to get Turner Wilson to modify the fleece druid robes into something like this:

He wasn’t interested but find bod-i-bag on the AT website Whiteblaze.

I instanly thought of paddlers when I saw it…and after several of the 3 star training sessions could have used this for a beach warmup. Coupled withe the various coveral cags now on the market (Kokatat’s, Exp. Essentials, or Chillcheater) then you’ve got a mini-survival system.

The beauty is the cinching bottom that allows sleeping bag mode or change paddle clothes mode for privacy in the parking lot.

I’ve written the company and believe a black model is forthcoming-nice for the Greenland folks and for quicker drying in the sun.

During the unpleasantness
in SE Asia (Vietnam)you didn’t want to be in a “bodibag”

Has possibilities
I wonder how you wear it around without tripping over it if it is long enough to cinch around the feet.

I’d be interested to see how small it packs.

Not crazy about the name either
but it’s a cute idea, though probably wouldn’t be too cozy to sleep in with windbloc fabric which can be a bit stiff.

I’m really lusting after one of Turner’s windbloc robes for Alaska (and next winter). I certainly fall into the category of NEVER making something myself if I can pay someone else to make it for me. There just aren’t enough hours in the day.


Hilleberg makes a Biv/Anorak
that is the ‘shell’ equivalent to the Bod-i-Bag, they would make a perfect combo…

When you get up to walk around you pull up the material around your waste and cinch it via the same drawcord that closes when in sleeping bag mode…or you can hold the material with one hand i suppose.

Seriously back to the Hilleberg Biv/Anorak…these two items would make a perfect survival pod or a great start or addition to a hypothermia bag.

The only problem is the price of the Hilleberg Biv/Anorak…nothing Hilleberg is cheap.

I did notice on the bod-i-bag site that $49 is where they start, arms cost more :frowning: but still priced right I think.

Here is a link to the BivAnorak:

I thought it was more dineros than that, if you really needed it it wouldnt matter.

Ever try this product

that one looks good to but
i dont think it cinches at the bottom…prices are similar though after you add the arms to the bod-i-pod…

here’s what i discovered about Turner’s
sitting on the beach freezing to the bone…the sleeves gape open letting in cold, the hood doesnt cinch, and neither does the bottom. I wrote him and asked him to make them like a tuliq but with a cinchable bottom…her never replied. The awesome thing about his druid robe is the thickness of the fabric-very very thick, wouldnt do a backpacker but for a padder that thickness is wonderful.

that is like the changing robe i just
picked up…except a little heavier…a bunch of the ww guys say they have slept in their fleece changing ropbes at a putin…

i have been debating for about a year about adding this:

to my ditch bag…same idea but down…


druid vs frog
Me…I go druid, though frog looks nice and compact.


What do they mean by oversize
60 inch waist? Sounds about right to me.

Sleeping bag?
Don’t a lot of sleeping bags have dual zippers so that the bottom can be opened for walking?

some…rectangular ones yes…
mummy no except for Golite…Go lite has an opening at the foot…

but Feathered Friends is the only sleeping bag company i know of that has arm holes…


"black model for the Greenland crowd"
give me a break

Feathered Friends Wren series
Awesomely light and functional for backpacking, but down not really H2O friendly, even with E-Vent shell. Been around for a long time and works great.

well maybe i’m the only one but i’ve noticed at the symposiums that i’ve attended that the people in the greenland circle usually -but not always- have black boats and black clothes and more often than not black paddles, sometimes even the instructors are wearing black drysuits and their rolemodel Dubside even wears all black street clothes…so give me a break for noticing :slight_smile:

Just a note on FF, awesome products for many years, another one is Nunatak Gear, i’ve got one of their quilts in eiderdown and it is light and hot.

OK 200 weight
I e-mailed and asked if one could be made with 200 weight fleece—i have no intentions of backpacking with it due to weight but if cold and wet the 200 weight would I think is the way to go…anyway 200 weight is stocked and is an option for the bodibag. The 200 weight also has DWR finish.

how 'bout this?

(not available in de rigeur Greenland black)

looks cool too
its a shell too isnt it with no integral insulation…be nice to have it and the bodibag under it if you were wet cold…

you can add a DWR finish to any material
you want…

Nikwax makes tx-direct wash in and spray on…

revivex-spray recommended by GORE…

There are others…available online or in outdoor stores (3 letters or more)

just spray em on/pour em in the washing machine then tumble dry to set it…SIMPLE!!!