Axis 12, Tsunami 125, or something else

This spring my wife and I are going to graduate from our hand-me-down inflatable kayaks to nicer rigid kayaks. While I’m waiting for the water to warm up to the point that I can demo a few boats, I wanted to know people’s opinions on the Axis 12 and Tsunami 125. I’ve read all the reviews, but was curious what people thought about the two first hand. In the past we have suck to inland lakes and rivers. I’m 6’/240 lbs, so I need a kayak of decent size. Any thoughts?

I had this same conundrum earlier this year. I went with the Tsunami and am very happy.

The Axis just doesn’t feel like a good touring boat to me. I feel like I have control of the Tsunami due to how you fit into it and the thigh braces. It’s an amazingly comfortable paddle and a very fast, efficient boat. Plus you get bow and stern storage unlike the axis. The Axis is also slightly heavier and fatter.

The Axis does allow thigh braces to be added, but they don’t come with the boat and I felt like t was way more of a Rec boat than a transitional touring boat to me. It’s nice that it comes with a skeg, but the Tsunami tracks like a dream without one. The Axis may need one due to the hull shape, but the Tsunami cuts through water excellently and stays the course well.

I don’t know the axis
But every time i try the Tsunami, I love it!

The 125 has a higher deck than the 120 which is good for my daughter as her dog fits inside easier.

Harry lioves the 125 as his foot brace fits.

I like the 125 because it paddles … well I enjoy that boat. I’d get the 125 over the 120 because of extra room inside for camping to keepthe deck clear.

I almost got one in SD last month but couldn;t get it home so am still looking for one used!

like comparing
apples and watermelons.

Tsunami- fast, straight tracking performance touring boat.

Axis- not very fast, rockered, rec/ whitewater hybrid.

these boats are totally different.

try and decide which style of paddling you are going to do before deciding. for glide and effeciency- Ts. for fast moving water anfd maybe some flatwater- Axis.


Second above
Tho’ it would take more whatever than I have to disagree with the designer of the Tsunamis about their purpose.

But seriously, your post makes it sound as though you might be considering more ambitious paddling locales with hard shell boats. Once you add that in, these aren’t at all similar boats. On the biggest point, the Tsunami series has perimeter line and two sealed bulkheads, things that are useful for rescues on non-WW. If you are thinking bigger bodies of water with longer trips, the Tsunami series or similar is well tuned for that purpose.

The Axis lacks perimeter lines, may need a float bag for one end or the other except now I forget, and would be more annoying or downright difficult to do an on-water rescue. Especially if your wife is rescuing you and she is much smaller. These are not problems for going down rivers where you could swim to shore easily, so if your more adventurous environments are mixed flat and moving water where greater maneuverability (and slower speed) would be an advantage the Axis wins.

Can you provide more info about where you would be paddling these boats?

re tsunami 125
You should check out the tsunami 145, its kayak that will handle ur size and weight better, a 125 and ur pushing the limits, especially if u carry any gear.