Axis 12 vs Pungo 120

I’m looking at purchasing either a Dagger Axis 12, a Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 or something else for calmer rivers (no whitewater) in northern lower Michigan such as the Boardman, Sturgeon, Pine, Manistee. I also would like to take it out on calm small lakes, but 80% of the item will probably be rivers, 20% lakes. Which would be better and if there are other opinions let me know, thanks.

Axis 12 vs Pungo 120

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I'm also 6'0-6'1, about 185 lbs so I'm thinking a 12 footer would be best. Possibly down to a 10 footer though.

don’t go smaller

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For your size, 12' should be the minimum length. Either one would be all right, though the Axis is more suitable for mild whitewater than the Pungo is. Neither would be suitable for Lake Michigan or Superior, by the way.

Dagger Axis 12
Besides the Dagger Axis are there any other boats that would be better in mild whitewater 80% of the time with occasional flat water trips, 20% of the time?