Aziscohos Lake Invasion

Wow, been a long time since I posted anything here!

So in a little less than a week I’ll be visiting Lake Aziscohos in Maine with a few other “deplorables” that frequent these message boards; Doung D, Andy Szymcyk (sp?) and a couple others. No big deal.

But, the few who know me also know I have camped exclusively from a canoe. This lake has a fierce reputation for waves in even moderate winds thanks to a funnel effect, so I am sucking it up and trying to load everything in a kayak. This should be interesting!

Waves or not, I and many of the others are looking forward to just venting and escaping for a few days on this beautiful lake.


Leave your bear suit home
And calm seas are possible two years ago I had three days of no wind which allied me to paddle the entire lake

Now with your luck there will be days of rain. We desperately need it

Raingod Riverstrider
LOL, Kim! Yeah, rain events tend to follow me. I’m thinking that the Tropical whatever-it-is off of the Carolinas is gonna hang off the coast for a few more days, and then beeline for northwest Maine.


I am one of the “other “deplorables”” going and I am taking my solo canoe. I have a rain cover for it if needed.

Kayak_Ken (in a canoe)

Go figure, this weekend Headwind Hal the magnet of rain as well is heading up this way for an overnight on the local river and guess what! Rain and wind! Ditch him and pick up the other rain magnet, Riverstrider 3 days later! Oh yeah, just my luck! :wink: Yeah, we need the rain but ya know it would be good to hold off until my vacation is over! And DEPLORABLE?? Hummmph! I prefer Unforgivable over Deplorable, sounds much more PC! :wink:


canoe vs. kayak
Good for you, Ken! I’m looking forward to meeting you. My solo canoe is usually very good on big lakes and in big waves, but I don’t have a cover for it and decided I’d rather not take the chance of being windbound.


rain rain go away
I meant “deplorable” in only the most complimentary sense, not the political sense, lol!

Better pack some tarps, guys!

Actually, they are…
…Those deplorably unforgivable,

unforgiven miserables,

unmiserably muckling up in mirth,

freakishly unspeakable,

speaking of reprehensibles,

representing irrespectively the earth.

Or, Duckheads, Northeastern Contingency, if brevity with all due respect is your thing.

Bon Voyage, ya miscreants!

I am sorry. I cannot tolerate the

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amount of pessimism being bandied around

Let' see if you are windbound or not

Here is the wind forecast for Oquossoc. There are people there. There are more moose than people on Aziscoos and moose don't read

hmmm 16 knots max from the NW might lead to difficulties on the 23. 27 knots on the 22nd.. Sure you don't want to leave from the other end?

Wow Ken! It is a hike from Florida
to Maine.

Whatever comes our way
We’ll deal with it. Wind, rain, doesn’t matter. Just being there trumps all. “The Deplorables”, sounds like a movie!

eye candy
no not that kind


Those pics have whet my appetite for Aziscohos now…can’t wait!

I like to think of us as the
"The Adorable Deplorables"

I never considered
Myself adorable!

Zebra mussels got nothing on you.

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Hadn't visited/posted here all that much recently myself(far too many non-padddling datatrolls etc., for my taste these days--Not enough of the old time funster- regulars) But when I saw your subject's headline I thought, "Wow, this must be important for a biologist-paddler to be posting about." So I am somewhat environmentally relieved by the actual post's content.

Enjoy, but be careful: "Deplorablis Beanie-Weeniecus"(Scientific Latin Name)can quickly take over a pristine waterway and has even been known to out-gas inside nylon tents by night.

We’re not dead yet. I don’t post much anymore either, but I do miss the old crowd. Many of us are still in touch in other ways.

Roger that, Andy.
I’ll look forward to your pics from the trip on FB!;-

Seems to post photos here anymore. I’ll post a link here and elsewhere as well after the trip. 64 Years old and I feel like a kid going on his first adventure. Funny thing is that i’ve done so many trips, but. Get like this each time. The much fun should be illegal!