Azul Argon

Anyone ever heard of this boat?

Rec Kayaks
I don’t have this boat, and have never paddled one. I thought I would reply as no one else has.

I looked it up on their web-site:

It looks like a fairly typical recreational boat - stable in calm water, easy to turn, not performance oriented in any way, but comfortable. If you are looking for a little kayak to go on day paddles, take pictures, and generally enjoy - this might be it. Do not expect it to be a serious tripping boat, though it does have lots of volume (carries plenty, but is too slow and not built to handle the ocean e.g. the cockpit is way to big to keep water out in big waves)

I suspect the reason nobody replied is because many people have “graduated” the rec boat class. They aren’t particularly interesting, but they do get the job done, when the job is just plain enjoyment (though not if you enjoy surfing waves, or circumnavigating islands in the arctic).

Good luck. I hope you find something suitable. For my money, I prefer canoes to rec kayaks - as they too are really comfortable.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. The boat is being considered by my 76 year old dad as his first kayak. He has canoed, and now is interested in kayaking. Your description sounds just about like what he needs. Thanks again for the second opinion - that’s all I was looking for.