B and B on Maine Coast

Looking for one B and B to stay in while doing paddles to nearby island or two along the Maine coast.

More specific area?

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DownEast, MidCoast or Casco Bay..there is a lot of shoreline...6500 miles.

I will start with one in Five Islands..one of the prettiest parts of the Maine shoreline.


A couple
I spent a nice couple of days here in Pt. Clyde:


as well as nice week in a coastal paddling class at the Wooden Boat School in Brooklin. But as kayakmedic said, the coast of Maine is a big place with a lot of paddling.

There is a book called “Hot showers, B&B’s on the Maine Coast”, at least that’s what my aging brain thinks it was called. It should the info you want.

What area? Friendship Maine has B&B’s, Stonington has a great campground, etc… Most coastal towns in Maine should have what you’re looking for.

Lee Bumsteads book
is now some twelve years old

Hot Showers!: Maine Coast Lodgings for Kayakers and Sailors

Some places may have changed owners…others have not. Its worth the few bucks…but verify that the place is still open.

Where along a very long coast?
Maine coastal paddling is among the best paddling anywhere. As previously noted it is a very long coastline. Our favorite section is Mid-Coast, especially Muscongus Bay. A great BnB in Friendship is the Outsider’s Inn, run by Bill Machaud, who is a paddler and Maine Guide.


The Atlantic Seal, S. Freeport
The owner is a licensed Captain.

A very short distance to Freeport, one of the less anoying tourist towns.

And go to eat at the South Freeport town warf.