A Merrimack Baboosic is one of two canoes I'm choosing between and I'd love to hear from anyone who has one or is familiar with them. I'd use it mostly for day trips on small streams with many, many switchbacks, mild current, no rocks but logs and brushpiles to dodge, and flatwater just messing around. I'm 6ft, 215 lbs, 60 and have paddled for 20 years. An occasional overnight with 30 lbs gear is a seconday use.

My main concern is how the boat would handle paddled 50% kneeling, 50% sitting. Bad ankles really give me problems paddling whitewater boats in a low kneel with a pedestal and foot blocks. On the other hand, changing positions (high kneel, on both knees a few minutes in larger tandem boats paddled solo is no problem. I like a boat that is highly leanable when ccalled for, and the Baboosic seems PERFECT if its not too bad when seated.

I'd really appreciate general thoughts on the boat and any experience paddling it seated. (single, straight blade OF COURSE). Thanks so much.

should work fine
It sounds like an excellent choice for you.

My paddling partner, Gearwoman has one and uses it mostly in the NJ Pine Barrens. Tight streams just as you describe. She never has a problem maneuvering it in the tightest stuff.

She brought it along on an Adirondack trip and i got to paddle it on Cranberry Lake. No problem with wind or waves as long as the pace was leisurely. It is a canoe better suited for stream work than making time across an open lake. Its turning capabilities far exceed its tracking. Needs lots of correction to go straight and only small inputs to turn.

She brings a lot of gear on any trip, the Babossic has plenty of volume for the load you suggest.