Baby Waves to Unofficial Summer Start

Finished out some morning work stuff and then kicked off the long weekend by hitting the nearby beach break. Small 2’ plus waves that were stacked and cleaned up by a diagonal offshore wind. No other surfer but I was glad to take it.

Surfed a little over one hour. Short zippy rides. Added in some weak side roll practice to keep it interesting.

Oh, a small perk of aging… Got my lifetime senior pass for $10. Allows me to park at State beaches and reservations that normally charge $15 per day.




I have a lifetime hunting and fishing license. Don’t do either but it’s free :free:! And a free Corps of Engineers pass that gets me on a lot of lakes.

Good to get out early this weekend. The summer time hoards are arriving, so I’ll be just going out very early morning on weekdays until day after Labor Day. I made a quick Greenland Test paddle video a few days ago in micro surf. Pretty much just me a few dozen leopard sharks in 2’ waves. Need to get it edited this weekend maybe.

I am still paying for sportsman license in MA and fishing license in NH. I’ll get a free MA license in 5 years, but i’ll never be able to “fish free” in NH. :no_mouth:


Yeah, ditto that. I actually don’t mind going out for dawn patrols. Problem sometimes is that the tide phases don’t line up. At high tide, the waves at smashing into the sea wall at the beach break, whereas the waves are dumping on the cobblestone shore line at the homebreak. The beauty of having the senior pass is that I get to park at the beach break later in the morning. Usually, the free on-street parking will be gone by 8 or 9 AM. But, the paid state lots are slower to fill because of the $15 parkng fee. :+1:

No sharks here (usually)… Does that keep the swimmers on land?


And speaking of sharks… The summer gray visitors will be arriving soon.


“Baby Waves to Unofficial Summer Start”

Silly me, I was looking for a picture of a baby…waving. :roll_eyes:

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Unintended clickbait. :smile:

Went down to walk the beach break after breakfast. Still some baby waves rolling. Not many people at all around. Could be because it’s cloudy, or folks have gone down to the Cape. Either way, a nice stroll down and back the length of the beach. Teenage lifeguards don’t know what to do with themselves.


Ok, first gray visitor of the summer noted. A snack on the way to Chatham, MA: