Bachawana river

I am researching for paddle down the Bachawana, my first on the Bach; targetting end of April, 4 guys, 2 Mad River Adventure 14’s - thats what is proposed by the other guys anyway because thats what they own - im leary. I was thinking yaks like my Pyranha Fusion would be better. Take the Algoma to the put in.

Any info on provisions, gear, boats, charts, lessons learned from experience on the Bach, do’s, dont’s, would be helpful.

Anyone paddled this stretch? what can you tell me?


Where, approximately, is this river?


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The MR Adventure does not seem suited to this. Calls for whitewater skills ..not sitting on a seat.

Its bone dry right now..but Batchawana Bay was some wild with the wind when I came to the Soo from the north.

krusty, I remember this area now.
It would appear that both the Bach and the Sand are runnable mainly in bug season. We visited the series of falls toward the end of the Sand in midsummer, and there really wasn’t much water.

runnable season
on the Batch is Spring based on info I have, we are looking at end of April, I saw a guide schedule for early and mid April. So I thought after that would be good. Not too concerned about bugs - been in that area, on fly-ins in June so… docs & reports i read indicate long runs of class II’s so boat choice is still a discussion point.

Thanks for the input.