Back Band alternative

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I'm one of those tall people with a very long torso so a "normal" back band only comes up to my tailbone/middle-o-my-buttcheeks. Does anyone know of a company that produces seat backs that can be clipped onto a back band? Perception's accessory division Harmony makes one with a 3-way buckle but it is too flimsy and flexible and offers no additional support. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Join NSPN meet nystrom and put
minicell in your boat instead. Or if you must just reinstall your backband so the height is adjustable.

I’m 6’ 5" with long torso, and I haven’t
encountered this problem in such an extreme form. What boat are you paddling? The back bands in my Corsica and Animas are higher than that, using the normal mounting points.

My Animas is so tight, getting in and out, that I finally removed the backband. Sure is good for the stomach muscles, and also makes it easier to throw my weight over the rear deck.

Stadium seat
You might want to try a “stadium seat” which can be found at most sporting goods stores or on line. They are padded on the bottom and straps on both sides give support to your upper back. I see from your profile you are transitioning from a cyclists butt to a kayakers back! Give it some time and the new back / stomach muscles will develope and you will be relying on back support less and less. A similar seating device which I own is a NADA Chair … and it really makes sitting in no-back bleachers a pleasure. Impala Bob

I am your height and it is all above
my waist. I do not want any backband that gets much above my beltline.High backed seats are good only for messing up your paddling and rubbing sores on your back. Greyak has been converting me.

Wilderness Systems makes one that might work for you.

custom foam backband off the rear
bulkhead is the answer for you.

Backband – I’m getting used to it

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I went out again this weekend -- second time in my new Lincoln Chebeague -- and I must admit I'm getting used to the backband instead of a "regular" seat. I tweaked it to raise it a little higher than it was before and I can lean back a bit. I'll keep an eye out for other options, but by the time I find an option I'll probably be completely comfortable with the backband.

Thanks for all the advice and encouragement.



here is a pic.
It’s not my boat, but I took a few shots for ideas…