back band for canoe bucket seat ?

Anyone used the Wenonah “Bucket Seat Backband”. It states that the straps (for the upper part of the back band I assume) are “attached to D rings you install yourself on the gunwhales”.

Problem is I will be installing this on a rental boat and will not be able to drill or modify the boat.


-Anyone installed one of these, and how DO you install the straps that attach to the gunwhales via D rings?

-Could I install the D rings on another boat without drilling etc.

-What keeps the backband in that rigid upright position ? I.e. what keeps it from dropping down?

-Anyone make a similar canoe backband using a kayak backband ?? I don’t want the typical chair type apparatus, just the backband.

You can email me your answer… Thanks ahead of time !!

i use these
They are held upright by a thin piece of metal in the vertical supports. You do need to drill through the hull to install the d-rings. They are the most supportive backrest that i have found from the 3 that i have tried. Probably not the best idea for a rental.

Cush Gear
The website isn’t much, but the seats are nice. I’m not sure how you can differentiate between a backband that has rigid supports and a seat, but these Cush Gear seats are quite light and minimal, require no drill to install, are quite solid when attached, and most importantly; comfortable.