Back band for qcc

Can anyone recomend a backband for a QCC700 that is not discontinued. Thanks.


Just Ordered
Immersion Research Lounge Band. Letcha know how it works out.

IR Reggie

You don’t need something to lounge on, you need hip support. The smaller band is more than adequate and less restrictive. Use the ratchet straps to seat posts and cloth straps (add some hooks) to the back of seat pan to keep it low and in place getting in out.

NRS backband

– Last Updated: Jun-06-08 4:52 PM EST –

with a little added bungee cord to stop potential rotation of back band upon entry and exit; installation is a snap.

Velcroed a Sealine kayak seat cushion to seat pan - inflate cushion MINIMALLY.

Added sticky back neo to kayak seat cushion to stop slippage when wearing dry suit.