Back band install

Hello out there. All right I’ve had it!! I spent all day on the water yesterday with this lousy seat old town put in the Cayuga 146 and my back is killing me. The Cayuga 146 is a great boat but the seat sucks. I want to install a back band but having trouble finding one online. I thought about ordering a replacement back band from perception that is in thier Carolina 14 and install it in my boat. Any thoughts or suggestions?

it might be tricky
you would need to find a seat back that fits with the seat that is currently in your Cayuga. Or, you would need to by a completely new seat assembly (seat and back) and install that in your kayak.

You could try to remove the seat back and and install an actual back band. The Lounge Band from Immersion Research is really comfortable…

Look there. They have some good whitewater gear that would fit with a few simple modifications, or maybe no mods at all depending on the current setup of your boat. may have one, too.

I’ve put backbands in 2 boats that didn’t have them at first. Definitely worth doing. Both times, I had to drill holes in the boat for anchor points, but it’s no big deal. Just mark your holes precisely before you drill.

Forgot about IR
Thank you for the idea.

installing back bands
I’ve put back bands in three sea kayaks using a three point mounting system. It’s easy. Two stainless nut/bolt/lock washer sets and I used elastic deck cord to tie the back of the band to the rear of the cockpit. I used epoxy to mount a plastic eyelet at the rear of the cockpit to hold the cord.

I found the most recent back band on ebay.