Back Band Modifications

This is a follow-on to my Corroded Hardware thread, now that I have the seat pan where I want it. The kayak is equipped with the IR back band pictured below. It connects to the side of the seat frame and there’s a ratchet buckle system behind the back rest that allows for adjustment. The contraption sits high so that the top of the back support extends above the cockpit coaming. Until you try to enter the cockpit, then it flops down onto the seat and then you have to do all sorts of wiggling to get it back where it should be. Not really a big issue when launching but it’s an unwanted complication during an re-entry or self rescue. Adjusting the ratchets doesn’t help. I’m ready to try something new (the benefit of starting with a pre-owned boat is you’re more willing to tinker with it!)

My thought was to either remove it completely and insert a block of foam as a back support or put a block of foam behind the existing back rest to see if that keeps it from flopping down. I don’t have any experience working with foam and adhesives in a composite boat. My concern is gluing something in there, not being satisfied and then having to rip it out and make a bigger mess of the inside of the boat.

Is there a preferred adhesive to use as a test?
What should I use once I’m ready to commit to whatever foam solution works?
Source for suitable foam block, please. Local marine shop doesn’t know what I’m talking about.
Please share any other suggestions. I’m probably not the first to have this issue with a back band.

OMG I just noticed those two tiny holes in the back of the coaming after posting the photos. Was the original intent to have some sort of connecting tether running through those holes to the back band to keep it upright?

Glad I took the photos! Never saw it from that angle.

I have shock cord that runs from my backband (homemade) to the coaming to help keep it positioned during those times.
I made mine w/ little hooks so that I can remove them for loading the few things I like behind my seat.

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The holes dead-end into the coaming. No way to loop shock cord through them. If I were to guess, there may have been some sort of connector that snapped into the holes and then had cords extending to the back of the back rest. I haven’t been able to find a good picture of the backside of the seat in this boat to know for sure.

I have a similar problem with a recently acquired vintage kayak that I retrofitted with an IR backband that wants to slip down when I slide in. I cut about a 3.5’ length of pool noodle and wrapped it around under the rear coaming behind the seat and it wedges it in place. I’ve done that with another boat in the past – in that case I had to stuff two lengths, the longer one and a shorter one (about 2’ long) behind that to fill in against the rear bulkhead. It’s not an “elegant” solution but it’s cheap, quick and works. The noodles are wedged in tight enough that they have yet to pop out, even with the boat inverted for self rescue and recovery practice.

Only drawback so far is I lose the space behind the seat where I used to stash a water bottle and small dry bag but I have found other options to secure those in the cockpit.

Bungees and a couple of nylon pad eyes which you bolt to back of the bulkhead. That’s how CD does it.

By pad eyes do you mean these? That would makes sense based on the small holes I see, but I wasn’t familiar with that term

Yes similar those are a bit wider.