back band support

hi I have a romany standard kayak, in which I have replaced the seat. But still find the back rest uncomfortable, Was thinking of replacing it with a minicell foam block.Can anyone advise on how to go about this,As it has a sloping back bulk head,or better still anyone got pictures of one they have fitted, they could post.

virginia kayak center has them and pix
of them as well…might be best to just buy one from them…

Yes, we have them

These are purpose-made for the NDK line and we can ship overseas (the shipping charge will be about $12 USD). We sent several to Norway and the UK over the summer.

Here are the details: And you can probably see enough to figure out how to make one on your own if you want to go that route.

Thanks, Tom

Virginia Sea Kayak Center

I looked
at your site. The pictures look like the block is several inches thick at the top, more or less parallel to the sloped bulkhead. I improvised one this way and found it interfered with my layback . I am in the process of trimming off some from the top to minimise this problem.

nsi adjustable back band?
Adjustable is great. Foam can absorb odors and hard to clean

back band
thanks tom, will probably try and make one now that i’ve seen what it looks like.

Why a back band
I realise some people may need a back band due to existing back problems etc. but it should be mentioned that there are some advantages to not having one at all. Range of movement, rotation, core strength, posture, ease of keeping sitz bones on the seat etc.

Consider some support for the outside of the knees and better foot rests to make keeping hips rotated forward easier/less work. Invest some time in improving ham-string condition and core strength to improve posture.

no backband
curious, without a backband isn’t it hard to apply good force the the foot pegs? I guess it depends in part on the type of seat since I guess some have more of a “bucket” that holds your rear in place.

you’re right
among many drawbacks, this is one of them.

force against foot pegs

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If you are using the backband to apply force to the footpegs all you are doing is an isometric exercise, i.e. not achieving any movement, great workout but nothing to do with moving the kayak forwards.

You should be using resistance from the paddle to apply pressure to the footrest.

Check out what the kayak and ski racers are using for back bands, generally nothing.

A back band is indispensable
for keeping your sponge behind the seat…

Not to mention…
…a couple of beers and your pee bottle.

i’ve never met one river paddler
that doesn’t use a backband, often adjusted tight to their back. i guess it depends on one’s paddling style. racers- no back band. sea kayaks, always a back band, with extremely rare exceptions. (i have seen it once) ww kayak, always a back band, worn tight.

Maybe try a different back band
The NDK back band is uncomfortable, IMO. When I got my Explorer LV I put in a Snapdragon whitewater back band instead. It’s the same model I have had in two other sea kayaks. I keep all my back bands low and loose, more like a hip band than a back band. It’s just tight enough to feel when I lie all the way back but not when I’m sitting normally and paddling. I even leave my WW kayak’s back band somewhat loose.

I bought an NDK foam block from Tom and Ed at VSKC in the spring of 2008 for my Point 65 X-Ray and it is by far the best modification I have made to a sea kayak. Great contact on the lower back and allows for plenty of torso rotation. It was very easy install and stays put during rescues. They are inexpensive, so it doesn’t hurt to give one a shot.

it interfered with my layback so I took it out.

Did you try…
…changing the shape of it? When I first made mine I was disappointed for that reason but just grabbed the dragonskin and worked on the shape.

The WS tempest bands

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that are available from REI and others for about $40 are a nice lightweight backband that I find quite good for several reasons.

It is comfortable (for me), and can support you if you need it. But it also moves down as you lay-back, so it does not restrict your rolls like a block of foam would if it is to provide any support otherwise (unless that is your rear coaming is so low that a block of foam would only keep you in position way low on your back and not really support your back, but I think this is not the case in your boat).

Lastly, it has a range of sliding motion sideways as you rotate, so even if you have it against your back (not recommended full time anyway), it will cause less irritation than a fixed backrest or other backbands or a block.

It also has rear and lower clips so that it will not slide-out or forward and is less likely to interfere with reentry or your ability to exit the boat in an emergency.

I like having it loose behind me - I do not use it during paddling, but I can lay back and it supports my back to stretch and also holds me in position for rolls and other maneuvering where otherwise I might be hitting the coaming or slide back off the shallow seat pan I got...