Back Band

I am planning on attempting to ‘outfit’ my Artisan Millenium. I probably should just fill it with Minicell and carve away the extra.

Anyway, I am looking for suggestions for a new backband.

Snap Dragon
I use a Snap Dragon narrow back band is my Viviane. I like the hard plastic model. Very comfortable and well worth the $.

Backbands can be adjusted over and over
Carved minicell cannot.

I am very pleased with the Snapdragon WW backbands. The plastic inside the nylon-and-foam covers eventually curves to match your body, and they have many ways to adjust.

I replaced a lousy hard backrest that came stock on a CD Squall with a Snapdragon band. I liked it so much that when I built my Merganser 16 I installed one in there instead of the kit backband. The backband in my Tempest is comfortable and works well so I am leaving that alone. But if it were not, I would put the same model of Snapdragon band in it.

Whatever is comfortable
I put an IR Flex Capacitor in one of my WW boats to replace the crappy stock one. Just bolted it in and hooked up the bungies. Was perfectly comfortable the first time I used the boat.

So I figured, “this must be a really great back band, I’ll use the same model in the sea kayak I’m building.”

I’ve done lots of tweaking to mountng points and extensively modified the back band itself and still don’t have it as comfortable as I’d like.

I guess my point is, comfort is such an individual thing, and is influenced by such small changes, that recommendations from other people, with different boats probably aren’t worth much.

I guess I’m not too worried about comfort. The old backband that is in the boat just hangs there and didn’t touch my back. It didn’t bother me, I’m just attempting to ‘outfitt’ the cockpit.

I’m going to order the Snapdragon online.

Swap it for a Reggie NM

I checked the archives, maybe I’ll try the IR.

Knowing me, I’ll get one of each.

love nsi but use cable thru holes drilled in cockpit rim to hold it up

Went to the local shop and they carry the Reggie, not the Snapdragon, so the Reggie won. It’s real squishy feeling…

Mount it as low as you can
Hip support.

How varies boat to boat.

I used the ratchet straps to the seat posts (because they’re solid - not because I adjust them anymore) - and used the other web straps and some hooks to the rear of the seat pan to keep it low and so it can’t follow me out of the cockpit. Rear bungees as usual…

second snapdragon
have tried most of them, and snapdragon is the most comfortable and problem free. just set it and forget it–no adjustments ever.

I swapped the hard-as-a-brick immersion research backband in my elaho for a used Prijon whitewater backband which is a bit narrower and much softer and its much more comfortable because i dont feel any pressure points.

Backband success
Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. I somehow managed to install an IR backband and it worked - a little tricky to get in the yak, but comfortable and evidently supportive. I went on a short club paddle in two foot chop and was told that I did well. ( The boat was already trained.) Now, I need to do something about my feet - no braces/pegs and my toes don’t reach the bulkhead …