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What is everyone using for back bands now that Bomber Gear isn't making their Wicked Backband?
I have a new NDK boat and their backband is useless.

IR Reggie is what I like, but I don’t
know if ‘everyone’ is using them.

I’ll second the IR Reggie backband.


I have the Snap Dragon in two of my boats and like them alot

search the p-net archieves
for “back bands”

Following is only one of MANY threads on back bands:

I bought (4) Bomber Gear Wicked Back Bands for less than $20 a piece after the company tanked. NRS back bands install easily and also work well.

I removed one
from another one of my boats as the ratcheting devices became corroded and wouldn’t work.

doesn’t show any backbands on their web site. I

e-mailed them asking about that but they haven’t replied. Wonder if they are not making them?

IR “Lounge Band” Backband
IR’s newest ratcheting backband. Picked it up at Kittery Trading ($40) and installed a few weeks ago (after John posted a IR customer service video in response to my question on composite boat installation) and I am loving it after replacing the stock QCC unit on my new 700x. Check out the video, it also compares the Reggie vs. Lounge Band.

I’m putting in a Snapdragon WW band
As far as I know, they still make them. Bobbie has one set aside for my new boat (no, you can’t have it!). I’ve had the Snapdragon band retrofitted in two sea kayaks so far–they’re great.

Snap Dragon…
…went into both of my Pygmys.

Snap Dragon Backband-1
They still make them - I just bought one a few weeks ago. I ordered through my local paddling shop, but there are a couple of on-line listings also, like this one (a place I have never used and know nothing about):

Rutabaga lists only the adjustable model (Backband-2)but I am sure they could get you the non-adjustable also (which I prefer). Very simple and solid.

Foam backrest
The foam backrest made for NDK boats is a great alternative to a traditional back band and it’s one of our best sellers:

We also have the IR Reggie if you decide to go that way:

Of course the foam is quite a bit less expensive and we’ve gotten some really good feedback, including from a few folks on this board.

Hope this helps – Tom

Virginia Sea Kayak Center

On two of my boats, IR Flex Capacitor.

It’s a winner.