Back from SEA & want to get into SUP

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Hey everyone, I've just got back from an epic trip to South East Asia and was fortunate to get a chance to sample some SUP whilst visiting Cambodia. The place I went wasn't necessarily up to that much but we ended up having a great time as the lady who ran it, who ended up instructing us, was a great laugh and made the experience. I quite liked the standing up approach rather than just sitting in a canoe or kayak. I was a little unsteady on my feet at first but quickly got the hang of it. Plus, the views down the river approaching sunset were awesome to look at.

So, being a beginner in mind, I'm after a new board that I can go and do some SUP with now I'm back in the US. I've come across inflatable ones which are suggested for beginners, like the Bic Sport SUP Air 10’6. My sister and brother are quite keen to get involved so I'd probably have to get three boards. The ones I've mentioned sound good for getting 3x boards into a small vehicle but they cost a lot more than anything I can afford. Coming in at about $1,000 when we'd probably want to spend that on three. So maybe, if anyone can suggest a good beginner board for around or under the $350 mark, that would be good? Also, what smart online shopping options are there for getting cheaper deals on boards? Anyone checked out

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check out these
Just so you know, you’ll get what you pay for but if you’re ok with that then here are some resources to check out.

For cheap boards check these out:

They’re Soft Top boards, not inflatables so if storage is a concern then here are some inflatables to consider that are all reasonably priced and will pack away better than the soft tops:

Good luck!

Reality Check
You can probably buy one of the $1000 models from a few years ago used for around $450 on craigslist. A new board in that price range is junk. The king of the cheapy paddleboards is the Costco Wavestorm:’-6%22-Stand-Up-Paddle-Board-Bundle-2-pack.product.100282385.html

Better than nothing.

Most people I know who have inflatables are leaving them pumped up because they are such a hassle to pump up and empty, keep that in mind when purchasing. Any inflatable that leaks just a little is a dog to paddle, so don’t go cheap if you go inflatable.

I had the same problem some time ago and tried to find Inflatable SUP to take it with me everywhere.
I agree that buying a board under 400-500$ is quite risky. The materials which are used are not to reliable. The density of dropstitch inside is very important as it gives You stiffness that You need and durability. check out the brands like:
1. - little expensive
2. very expensive
3. - Very good value to price ratio
4. - its ok -
5. - good but expensive

I tried all of them and I can reccomend all of them