Back Support for a Canoe seat?

Looking at the essex cane backrest any one use these. Do the crazy creeks or sitbackers work. I want something I can lean against on long hours in the boat while fishing. Does one provide better support than the other?

My solution
I have used the Crazy Creek and the CVCA. The CVCA ended up not giving my bad back enough support. The CC worked OK, but seemed a bit highon my back and interfered with my PFD. I ended up making my own - not an overly difficult task.

I have never used the SitBacker, but some have reported that it raises the center of gravity significantly. In a stable boat this may be unimportant, but in a solo it might make things a bit wiggly.


what kind of seats do you have?

I have a Dagger Sojourn with a cane seat.

Cush Gear
Here is a back rest from which I drew inspiration when I developed my own.


move around
I have a bad back also. I tried various seats and different kinds of back support, but none really worked for me. Instead, I found my back feels best if I simply pay attention to posture and, most importantly, move around frequently and change my position.

If you can find a back rest that feels good, definitely go ahead and get it, but I suggest you also make it a point to switch frequently between at least 3 basic positons, (1) legs out normal (2) seated with legs crossed underneath (3) kneeling on knees. Then, within each position, move around often side to side and front to back and do single repetitions of stretching exercises.

Sitting cross-legged feels best to me for fishing. Cross-legged and with my bottom on the front edge of the seat, my back seems to naturally staighten and i can stay in that position for hours. When I need a change, I kneel with my knees on a pad for a while, sometimes resting my bottom on the front edge of the seat, sometimes standing straight up on my knees.

I practice a quick move from seated to kneeling and vice versa, so I can transtion any time and under any conditions. Grasp each gunwale with a hand, push up on your arms to bear your weight and swing the legs.

Memphis, You Got That Right
Over the years I’ve had Sitbacker, Wenonah, Crazy Creek, Seal Line and old-fashioned cane seat back. The cane is the best of the bunch, but for my bad “Nurses back” and numb right leg, the switch from sitting to kneeling and frequent re-positioning helps the most. Of course, kneeling works best if you have a nice, thick pad. I only use my thin Bell pad for short paddles, I bought a thick Wally World “Yoga pad” for longer days. WW