"Back-to-Black" as a plastic boat polish

Hello Kayak folks…

Tonight I brought home a product to correct one of my mistakes. I polished the outside black plastic parts of my car with a new car wax.

Each day the polish remains have gotten whiter and whiter. I found a product called “Back-to-Black” produced by “Mothers” that promised to polish “just about anything” and clean off old wax.

But my rotomolded kayak was the first to try the product on …….

The results were astonishing!

I purchased “303” the other day, and I did not think it did much for my older kayak.

“Back-to-Black” comes as a cream that you apply…and wait for a haze and buff off.

The boat looks like new! ……

It is a greasy product, and I think I got a bit of a buzz polishing inside my house.

This is no long-range test, but I am curious if anybody has tried this?

I would not try this on Fiberglass or Kevlar composite kayaks.

The container does not mention what is in the product.

The results seem to be like 303, Armor All, and a car wax all in one.

I need a paddle……E.

Does the stuff have UV protecterants?
That’s what the 303 is supposedly about. Otherwise, a good washing every once and a while is all that’s really needed.

UV inhibitors …
… such as 303 are exactly that: they inhibit UV degradation caused by sunlight. Think of them as sunscreen for your boat and other UV-prone gear such as PFDs, etc…

Like sunscreen, they will protect your plastics if applied periodically throughout their life, but they will not restore plastics that are already sun-damaged, any more than the belated application of sunscreen will suddenly restore a dried-out and wrinkled old farmer or beach bunny.

Once a boat is already becoming faded and brittle from sun exposure, products like Back To Black may improve the appearance of the plastic, but will likely do nothing to restore the lost resins and esters, nor protect it from future degradation.

What about enironmental impact
What kind of residue trail will it leave on the sruface as you paddle on your favorite lake or river?