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What is a good rec boat for a semi-monster? 6'5", 230 lb.
I started paddling in an Acadia 120, but the cockpit was too small for me to move comfortably. I have paddled a Pungo 120 and it bogs down when I paddle hard, but I like the seat and cockpit.I am looking for a creek/small river boat.Everything else, except WW and surf,I've got covered.
I eyeballed a Kestral 120 HV, but CD seems to have stopped making them.
Any suggestions?

The Bigger Zephyr? Maybe?
The cockpit is very shin-friendly. Worth looking at.

Thanks Kudzu;you nailed the shin
problem. In the Acadia, they were always beat up.

Why not the…
Kestral 140?

If you find the time to wander south again, you can try ours. Seems fine in lumpy water and waves, better in wind than many, and handling the twisty bits is fine too.

The TCS has held up very well. We bought her in early 2006, and she’s seen a lot of use.

Great boat, but I don’t know how Deb got that thing to move as fast as she did. I can’t.


if you can find a Perception Prodigy 12
they have a huge cockpit, like 52" long. My friend who is at least 250 Lbs. has used mine a few times. Looking at the photo’s I took, it seems to be loaded normally with him in it. I think it’s been discontinued this year, you may be able to find one around still.

It’s the kind of boat you could take your dog in with you.

Zephyr 16
You’ll fit fine in a Zephyr 16

Go buy one, use it for a year, then sell it to me for short money. Don’t buy a yellow one, I don’t like yellow.

I’m almost 6’7", I weigh more than you and I fit in one quite nicely. A Romany HV would also work since I like them too. :wink:

Sorry, 16’ is too long for what I have
in mind.

Okay, Try the 15 Ft Zephyr.

Hey Jim…
I have a couple of nice fat Locust logs you could try.

Guaranteed never to rot, no matter how long you leave one the water.



What an offer Jack! And I bet I wouldn’t
dinging them either.

no idea if enough legroom but

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maybe the 12' Dagger Blackwater... 38x21" cockpit (which could fit a size 2.2 skirt if needed), sleeker than the Pungo and they claim over 300 lb capacity.