Back to the Nashua River

I went back for a socially distanced COVID paddle on the Nashua River yesterday with Jonathan and Conrad (same crew as last week). We put in on a section of the North Branch of the Nashua that flows generally south, paddled to its convergence with the South Branch of the Nashua, and then paddled down the South Branch of the Nashua that flows back north. Sounds confusing, but the bottom line is that we were able to paddle 5-miles downstream with the current, but only had to walk 2-miles back to our cars. Would have been more fun with a little more water, but it was OK.

Masks and social distancing at the take out

Few more pictures here:

“I shall return.” - General Douglas McArthur.

Nice. Nobody brought a bike? (I’ve found in groups of just 2 or 3 paddlers that locking one to a tree saves quite a few steps.) No matter. BTW, Your Flickr lists the date as “June 23, 2020”–Amazing how you guys managed to paddle a month into the future. :face_with_monocle: (Think I’m going to have to try this “time travel” option myself to get well clear of this current Covid mess. :sneezing_face: :+1:


Actually Conrad did a bike shuttle, Jonathan and I walked. Worked out fine either way.

Time is going so fast I missed a month, or maybe as you said I just want to get through this and back to normal. Thanks - I fixed the date. :slightly_smiling_face: